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Trinity Sunday

H.O. Hinton
Requiescat in Pace

Congratulations to those who received their First Holy Communion on Pentecost Sunday!

Daily Sermons
June 5 – Bp. Dolan – St. Boniface
June 6 – Bp. Dolan – The Scales Balanced
June 7 – Bp. Dolan – A Nice Confirmation Sermon
June 9 – Bp. Dolan – Pentecost Monday
June 10 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Pentecost Tuesday – Show Affection to the Holy Ghost

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Happy Fathers Day! God bless our fathers and make them strong, and us appreciative for all they do. Pray for fathers, and worthy fatherhood. The world needs more fathers worthy of the name!

Pentecost’s Vigil on Saturday week saw ten Catholics, young and old, receive the Holy Ghost in Confirmation as we ushered in his great feast with the solemn pontifical ceremonies. The fine weather cooperated – as did so many of you – to make for a beautiful ceremony, followed by photos, the imposition of the Brown Scapular, and a reception. Later that afternoon the clergy gathered for the Vespers which are the “other” opening for a great feast. Only after this did we all sit down together to feast on Kroger’s fried chicken and coleslaw.

For the first time at St. Gertrude we also celebrated the feast itself of Pentecost with a Pontifical High Mass, and fitting it was especially because of the First Holy Communions this year. It was a humid, rainy day, but that did not dampen our spirits any as we sang and sacrificed and celebrated for the great day of the Holy Ghost. After a full morning’s work, we all sat down to one of Linda Maki’s excellent dinners: taco casserole, with special corn bread and chips and sopapilla for dessert. The Simpsons swelled the sanctuary for the closing Vespers of the feast, a truly perfect day. Several of our fine servers and singers came to help us with the High Mass for Pentecost Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday, we were fasting for Summer and more low key, concentrating on all of the work that has to be done, catching up after the last busy week or two.

John, our erstwhile janitor, seems to be “lost or stolen or strayed,” leaving us seriously understaffed for keeping up with the cleaning and weeding and…. Any help
would be welcome indeed.

Fr. McKenna is on his way to North Dakota as of this writing, although he will be back with us this week as we keep Corpus Christi together on Thursday, chanting the Divine Office and solemn High Mass, and adoring the Blessed Sacrament. Join us in gratitude on this feast which Jesus Himself asked for. Don’t forget next Sunday’s morning Adoration and procession of the Blessed Sacrament.

Fr. Nkamuke covered for us at St. Hugh for Pentecost, and will soon be here with us when the school year of Most Holy Trinity concludes later this month. Fr. Lehtoranta is planning an ambitious several country Mission Mass tour for late June/early July, which will take him to Spain, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, as well as home to his native Finland, to see his family. So far, Father is the only traditional (true) Catholic from Finland. Ditto for Fr. Kudriavtsev, who is temporarily settled in a poor apartment in Lviv, Ukraine, far from the fighting. Please support Father with your prayers, that he may be led by the Holy Ghost to the apostolate God desires for him. It seems there aren’t really any “sedevacantist” Ukrainian Catholics, so Father must perhaps convert them, a slow and painstaking task.

Sometimes the faithful ask after Bishop McKenna, retired now and living with his nuns in Midland, Michigan. His Excellency recently sent a card to one of the prisoners with whom we correspond, Jim Gates, reporting that his physical condition is stable, and that he is well cared for and still able to say Mass (his Dominican Rite Mass) every day. Jim also wrote of a wonderful visit from Fr. Palma, who offered Mass in the prison on the feast of St. Catherine of Siena, with eight men in attendance. Father serves Our Lady of the Sun in Sun City, Arizona, and reports a slow, steady growth there. His Excellency Bishop Sanborn recently visited for Confirmation. Another of Bishop Sanborn’s priests, Fr. Ercoli, has organized a priests’ retreat for this week at his church in Seattle. Keep this intention, and those of all of our spiritual fathers, in your good prayers.

Fr. Cekada was talking in his office to Fr. McKenna last week, when they both saw a coyote, casually traipsing through the property. Father Cekada mentioned this to Caravaggio, and told him he should be grateful to still be alive and on bunny patrol, but the cat took it in stride, as he will.

A happy, grateful Fathers Day to you all, and a blessing in good St. Joseph,

– Bishop Dolan

PS: HELP!! Could anyone spare a few hours and a good back to weed and mulch the good Bishop’s garden, which is gone to rack and ruin?