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Within the Octave of the Sacred Heart

Daily Sermons
May 29 – Bp. Dolan – A Joyful Saint of Sorrow
June 1 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Our Lady’s Garden
June 2 – Bp. Dolan – Martyrs’ Story
June 4 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Make Jesus the Center of Your Day and Life
June 5 – Bp. Dolan – St. Boniface; Do Good

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Last week’s feast of Corpus Christi, and its splendid celebration over the full eight days of the octave, showed especially this year, how the Holy Eucharist is truly the Blessed Sacrament of the seven, and that each of the other six either prepare for its worthy reception, or prolong its graces. Even as the Sacrament of the Altar is at the heart of the Church, so too is it at the heart of our church, and has always been so. This year especially all of the sacraments were celebrated in the light of the Monstrance, during the feast or just before.

Angela Segrist received Extreme Unction a the First Vespers of Corpus Christi. Alex Fulton died during the morning Masses of Saturday, First Saturday, having been himself prepared a short while before by Viaticum, or Last Holy Communion. Later that morning, the Elfliens were married in a Nuptial Mass amidst the splendid polyphony of the Church and Motzart’s Sparrow Mass. The next day, after early Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, the latest Brueggemann to continue that fine name and heritage, Maria Perpetua, was baptized. At the High Mass, eight little soldiers of Christ, well prepared and confirmed at Pentecost, received the Bread of Life for the first time in Holy Communion, and proudly processed with their families in homage to Our Eucharistic King. On Wednesday during Corpus Christi, the festive adoration was suspended to permit the full funeral rites for Alex Fulton, over one hundred and fifty mourners assisting at his Requiem Mass. Behold all of the sacraments in a span of seven days, seen in their relation to the Blessed Sacrament, save for Holy Orders. But of course it was the priest who administered these sacraments and offered Masses. For this we are ordained, “priests forever to the order of Melchisedech.”

While attendance is understandably light between such solemn events as we had last week, still the daily High Mass and adoration continued apace, leading to the Sacred Heart and reparation on Friday. God bless all who came and prayed, but especially our singers and faithful servers. Their stately and reverent service is an edification to both visitors and faithful, lifting us up with the beautiful music to heavenly things.

Summer has begun for us. Today we have the first of our High Masses sung by the congregation. Tuesday we open our Summer Novena to our Lady of Perpetual Help and St. Anthony, and in his honor bless the animals in the evening. The rest of the week is a quiet one, but we look forward to next week’s St. John’s evening with Mass and barbecue and bonfire blessing and entertainment.

Fr. Nkamuke wrote recently with his news, and sent some Corpus Christi pictures. His Lagos chapel (a fourth floor apartment) was recently robbed, the faithful there tied up and their personal possessions stolen, cell phones and even t-shirts! But it seems they did not recognize it for a chapel, and did not touch anything sacred. I am sure the Angels were on duty. Thank you for your regular support each month for Abraham’s Burse. There’s another excellent young man who would like to be a priest, but Father fears feeding problems….Anybody?

We’re all managing on that front, thanks to the food you send in, and a little bit of stretching. We had a beautiful response to our requests for the Funeral Luncheon, which went very well. Krogers was very generous in sending in food. Again, my thanks. Many were touched by Alex’s story, and have helped one way and another. Remember his family in their need. It seems that Alex, whose death was extraordinary, is praying for us. The day of the funeral was marked by several special graces.

It is at times like these that we sense how blessed we are to be a true “church family” at St. Gertrude the Great, despite the occasional fussing any family will do! Now, remember your own family, and your Sacred Heart Enthronement, won’t you? Renew it together with all of your family, and with it your resolve to live together in Christian peace and holiness.

May Jesus, Mary and Joseph bless you!

—Bp. Dolan