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Pentecost V

Daily Sermons
June 8 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Two Little Ministers of the Holy Eucharist
June 11 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Barnabas and Bl. Paula Frassinetti
June 12 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Sacred Heart Conquers Darkness
June 14 – Bp. Dolan – He Eats with Sinners
June 21 – Fr. Cekada – Francis’s Recyclical

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
You’ll be wondering about St. John’s Evening, I am sure, especially since it is the main church event here between June’s Octaves and July’s summer camps. It was sheer poetry, although none was declaimed in the midst of the prose and song. First we had Solemn High Mass and sermon in church, as befits Christians met to honor the birth of “the greatest of those born of women.” Then we retired to the cloister for a fine summer’s supper of Brots and sauerkraut and salads, remarking the while on such a dry and mild evening in the midst of our very wet and warm weather. Then we retired to Helfta Hall for another of Fr. Cekada’s inimitable stories, full of imitations and clever topical allusions. “Fr. McKenya” ably assisted in the retelling of a Kipling tale, very droll and amusing. Then a magnificent bonfire was kindled and blessed in St. John’s name, and his “do re mi” hymn sung, Ut queant laxis.

The Von Simpson family provided instrumentals as well as choral pieces in which we all took part, daring even to do Dixie. Some of our school choir rounded out the evening with some German offerings, very charming indeed, “Marienwurmchen” by Brahms, and especially the round, “Music Alone Shall Live.” Sticks and marshmallows were marshaled next for the obligatory roast, all calm and happy, the fiery marshmallows glowing in the nigh air, seconded by the lightning bugs. We ended with the Rosary, and this was my favorite part of a delightful evening. Some brave children knelt in the grass and we oldsters sat in chairs as we together meditated the Joyful mysteries in the light of St. John, and in front of the blessed fire whose sparks joined with the little lightning flashes of our flying friends to light up the night air in a most magical fashion.

My thanks go to the customer cast of characters for cooking and clean up and fire making and stories and song, as we sanctified “the shortest night of the year.” Most of you were not there, perhaps because we neglected to put out the Internet “compelle intrare” (“compel to come in,” remember?) Probably some of you had a newly purchased pair of oxen to see to. But it was poetry, rare as a fine evening in June. The mosquitoes enjoyed it too, Fr. Cekada in particular.

Otherwise we are finishing up our outdoor weeding and starting up the annual indoor cleaning. Miss Michelle Mikesell is again in the office this summer. We thank Mr. Richard Zbilicki for all of his help as secretary during the past school year. Miss Theresa Simpson continues doing an excellent job on the Sunday Bulletin and leaflets, and will be learning the rest of the secretarial duties this summer.

A very fine trash pen is rising at the end of the cloister to contain our garbage cans, thanks to the craft and diligent artistry of Steve Weigand. It just seems too nice for trash cans, but it will be a handsome addition to the cloister, and a practical one.

How are your summer travels, or travel plans coming? I was up to Milwaukee for a quick trip last weekend, and it was a nice visit. Getting there was another question. It took almost fifty minutes just to get off the plane in Chicago. I almost didn’t get on the plane in Dayton, due to a traffic tie up on 75 at the Tylersville Rd. exit. Some poor young man was hit by a truck, in a particularly tragic tale. Always travel armed with prayer.

I’m grateful to Fr. Cekada for his fine sermon on Bergoglio’s Recyclical last Sunday, which I’m sure you all found enlightening. Tomorrow is Fr. Cekada’s 38th ordination anniversary, and Bishop Sanborn’s 40th. Keep these tireless warriors of Christ in your prayers. Tomorrow His Excellency ordains a young man from Michigan, the Rev. Mr. Philip Eldracher, to the diaconate, with priesthood scheduled for one year from now.

I wish you a happy Independence Day, and a safe and pleasant holiday weekend. Come to First Friday, to All Night Adoration, to First Saturday and … pray for your country!

God bless you!

—Bp. Dolan