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Pentecost XIV

Daily Sermons
August 11 – Bp. Dolan – St. Philomena and Modernists
August 13 – Bp. Dolan – God, Mary & Numbers
August 15 – Bp. Dolan – Our Blessed Mother and Judith
August 21 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Jane Frances and the Will of God
August 28 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Augustine: How He Became a Saint

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
August’s fifth Sunday comes late this year, affording us thus an “extra week of Summer,” with a very late Labor Day, just before Our Blessed Lady’s Birthday. But the great blessing–and labor–of another school year cannot wait so long. Our little scholars return this Wednesday, and with them the much missed school High Masses. They will ask the blessing of the Holy Ghost upon this new school year as they sing His votive Mass. Be sure to “tune in” to this daily Mass and timely sermon, fitting for adults as well as children. Better yet, attend yourself sometimes. Why not? Sometime I think that imagination, more even than sacrifice, is the golden key that unlocks Heaven’s treasures.

The quiet days of the Assumption Octave brought us the sadness of another summer funeral, again the loss of the parent who leaves a little child behind. Sue Becker Menefee only came back to us last Advent, just in time to prepare her soul for a good and holy death this Assumptiontide.

The Beckers were one of our original families, and have certainly known many crosses over the years. Jan and Mary Ann used to sing in the choir, and Sue helped in the sacristy for a while back in the old Sharonville church. It was a comfort to us, this old friends, to see them again, and to render the ultimate service in helping Sue to prepare her soul for its journey to eternity. If the end is good, all is well. We promise our prayers for Sue, as well as for little Emma and Mike and Mary Ann.

The young Fathers did a good job for the funeral, as well as for these Sundays with their many Masses and confessions and sermons. Fr. Cekada and I have been away for a little rest before the new season starts in earnest on September 8th. I have been publishing some of the important upcoming dates in the bulletin, so you can be sure to be with us…Parish Picnic, Angel Sunday, Rosary Sunday and Communion Breakfast, Forty Hours, “and so much more,” as they say.

Let’s all unite in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament Exposed this First Friday. I was happy to hear of some new adorers last month, both young and old. Let us pray for our departed, for grieving and troubled families, as well as for the conversion of the false pope who is working so hard for the destruction of the family. It is rather a frightening thought that this antichrist will visit our shores in September, and that so many have no idea how bad he is. Pray for opened eyes amongst our own, for our protection, and every blessing upon our people and our apostolate.

The Novus Ordo has started the canonization process for a Cincinnati Sister of Charity, Sr. Blandina Segale, who died here in the odor of piety in 1941. Her assignments took her to Colorado and New Mexico, where she more than once confronted Billy the Kid, who always showed her the utmost respect. A real nun of the old school! God grant us more like them. Pray before the Blessed Sacrament as well for the blessing of vocations to the priesthood and the religious state.

God bless you, your family and your home. May it be a true altar throne of the Sacred Heart, merciful King of Love…through your family into all the world.

—Bp. Dolan