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Advent I

Bp. Dolan blesses our new organ after Mass today, the feast of St. Cecilia.

Andrew Richesson plays Bach’s “Dorian” Toccata, during the organ dedication ceremony.

Daily Sermons
November 23 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Gertrude and the Bruised Heart of Jesus
November 24 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. John of the Cross and Suffering
November 25 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Grateful Animals
November 26 – Bp. Dolan – The Grateful Death
November 27 – Bp. Dolan – Have You Had Enough?

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
When Advent ends our Thanksgiving weekend, it represents, or should, a change in focus. Now our feasting should end for a bit, not continue unabated with Christmas parties and celebrations during Advent. Now it is the time to cut back, not go “all out,” to be quiet and prayerful and offer some penance in preparation for Our Lord’s birth. You will never appreciate the feast if you do not know the fast.

But in another sense, let the Thanksgiving feast continue…. Yes, a feast of thanksgiving. There is no better way to prepare ourselves for even greater blessings than by giving thanks for those we, all unworthy, have received.

I am grateful for the mellow sunny days of late Autumn this year, which make it easier for all of you to go about doing your duties, doing good. I am grateful for all of our dedicated workers, faithful, volunteers, priests and religious and benefactors. And how nice it is to have nuns again.

I am especially grateful this year that our children can grow up with a love for music, choral and instrumental, and that they share this precious treasure with the old and infirm they visit, as well as with us at church. I am grateful that our children are learning to love writing and are developing skills and talents, and are helping us here. I am of course grateful for our children who grow up with and in the Sacred Liturgy, which forms them as Catholics and gives great glory to God.

There’s more, always more, to be grateful for. To count our blessings is to cancel our curses, and to set us up for the greatest blessings ever. The saints know this, and thus they even pray for sufferings, and know such joy in return.

Fr. McGuire visited and offered Mass for that man in Macon, Georgia, who has been without Mass for years. He reports a very successful 40 Hours in Milwaukee, most of the snow having spared them. Their fervent prayers were heard. Fr. McKenna was back north afterwards, and returns home tomorrow. Brendan (who won’t be “18” for too much longer) was scheduled to drive Fr. Lehtoranta to St. Clare for Mass today, weather permitting. Father can’t renew his driver’s license, as he is still waiting for his visa to be renewed (eight months and counting). Your government serving you! Fr. Cekada has been sick for a while now, but still soldiering on. We’re hoping he gets better.

Well, the raccoons have won the latest round, and have taken a sublet above the sanctuary. “18” is on it, however, and we have great hopes to win the next one. None of this diminishes our gratitude. All of this only feeds our thanksgiving, and prepares us for such graces this Advent.

God bless you for a good one!

-Bishop Dolan

P.S. Come and pray with us this First Friday. Keep watch with us be-fore the Monstrance. Behold, He comes!