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The Holy Family

Solemn Mass of the Epiphany. Fr. Mardones, Celebrant; Fr. McGuire, Deacon; Fr. McKenna, Subdeacon. Bp. Dolan and Fr. Lehtoranta look on.

St Gertrude’s, Before Midnight Mass

Daily Sermons
January 4 – Fr. Lehtoranta – How Holy Family Escaped Cruel Herod
January 5 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Geraldine Collins, The Savior’s Little Flower
January 6 – Bp. Dolan – The Priest as a Shining Star
January 7 – Fr. Lehtoranta – A Chilean Heroine Laura Vicuna
January 8 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Thorfinn of Norway

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
A happy and Holy Family day to all of our families. The Finding of Our Lord in the Temple is yet another manifestation of Christ’s divinity, a theophany. In some small, steady sense each of our Catholic families are called to manifest Christ’s divinity by their daily life and example to an unbelieving world. As Hobbes told Calvin: “Being with you, it’s just one epiphany after another.” That’s the idea. Fr. Cekada has a prized Calvin and Hobbes mug for his morning coffee.

Wet winter came in on Friday, but we were blessed with wonderfully sunny, mild days last week for the visit of Fr. Mardones. It was nice to catch up on the news, and for this usually solitary priest to have some clerical company for a few days.

The Epiphany Solemn Mass was just grand, so fitting for the arrival of the King of Kings, as we honored one of His faithful priests who has fought the good fight under difficult, dangerous conditions now for 25 years in Mexico, as well as El Paso, Texas. Ad multos annos, Padre Roberto Mardones! Father reminded me that Fr. Antonio Ferriera, who was with us for several years in the 90’s, was also celebrating his Silver Anniversary last week, on January 8th. We extend to him as well our best wishes and prayers on this happy day.

Our seminarian from Northern Ohio, Paul Wesner, visited briefly with us last week, helping us again with a sacristy project, as well as some driving. Andy Hoxie from Michigan has become a good friend over the years, and helped us enormously for different feast days and Forty Hours. He too was a welcome visitor for Epiphany, a fit figure for the entourage of the Kings.

Darlene, who so devoutly helped us in the sacristy for a number of years, now continues her recovery at home. I am not sure of her future plans, but I am sure you join with me in wishing her the best for a speedy recovery. She appreciates your prayers very much.

Les Pomerville, who has been playing the 11:30 Mass fairly regularly, is home again with another bout of cancer. We send our prayers and concern to this old friend of ours from Dayton, hoping for a speedy recovery.

Many thanks to Mark Lotarski who put on his party planner/chef hat for Epiphany’s fine dinner. We had an excellent attendance and an excellent time. Fr. Mardones enjoyed a nice visit with many of you, but especially with Mary and Kyle McGuire, old friends of his.

I was impressed at how many of you Father remembered, including names, and dates for so many of our dear dead, including Ernie for whom he prayed (as for you all) at the Epiphany Mass. To be thus united, to be so remembered in prayer, is such a consolation, surely the best of all.

Fr. Cekada is our guest celebrant for the High Mass today, with one of his young protégés at the keyboard. Father goes to the seminary tomorrow to teach the first week of Hilary term, as the English call it.

We have both mice and a broken stove in the Helfta Hall Kitchen. They will both have to go, I hope in time for Lent, with its church suppers. Christmas runs into Lent this year, as Easter is so early, March 27. We were already planning out the travel schedule for Lent and Holy Week on Epiphany.

Fr. Cekada has been keeping busy with posting articles and videos on the internet, trying to debunk some of the “tribal myths” as he calls them, of traditional Catholics concerning the pope and obedience. So many themselves have slipped into material schism or near heresy in their efforts to “stay with Tradition.” We would like to just remain Catholic.

Bergoglio is cooperating with our presentations by pronouncing one or more heresies a week. This true son of the V2 revolution never tires in his work, and makes it difficult for the “Recognize and Resist” crowd to continue trying to square the circle.

Do keep our priests in your prayers. Back problems remain, which make travel difficult. Thank you for your prayers for them and for our sick. Let us never forget our fallen away, and vocations.

For my part I remember you all, with prayerful gratitude. Thank you especially for your generous Christmas offerings which enable us to meet our bills at this season.

Fr. Nkamuke had his three Christmas Masses in three different missions. His students return as well from Christmas break this week. Thank you for continuing Abraham’s Burse.

Finally, I will thank you in advance for your help with driving the priests. This is a quiet, behind the scenes service which helps us, and the souls in the missions, so much. It also is an excellent opportunity to visit with a priest, maybe to get some questions answered. Women as well as men could lend a hand, and do a good deed for a priest in need. We have so much at our church, but this is a way to give back a little. God reward you.

I send a blessing home with you today, as well as the Epiphany kit for your home blessing. A doubly blessed Holy Family Day!

-Bishop Dolan