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Pentecost Sunday

Our New Soldiers of Christ

Children lining up for our May Crowning procession. They will receive the sacrament of Confirmation on the Vigil of Pentecost, and their First Holy Communion on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi.

Daily Sermons
May 10 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Little Tony and the Piece of Cake
May 11 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Take the Son!
May 12 – Bp. Dolan – Sacrament Saints
May 13 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Robert Bellarmine and the Blessed Sacrament
May 14 – Bp. Dolan – The Odor of Balsam (Pentecost Vigil)

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
We are all aglow with the Holy Ghost today, given to 21 new Soldiers of Christ at yesterday’s beautiful vigil. The white lilies’ lingering scent evokes balsam, the fragrant scent in the Holy Chrism, which contains the Holy Ghost. Today all is in red to remind us of love, of martyrdom, and of the holy fire of charity the Holy Ghost kindles within us. Sincere thanks for all who worked so hard that “the days of Pentecost should be accomplished” once again in our midst. Congratulations to our newly confirmed Christians, and to their family and friends. We were happy to welcome guests from Canada this weekend. How very Pentecostal, as we read in today’s epistle.

At the same time we bid a sad farewell to the Capetillo family, departing to Connecticut. We will miss them, and wish them well. Their son Joseph made his First Communion yesterday, just before his Confirmation.

Last Sunday’s May Crowning was just about perfect, and very touching indeed. So many had such deep smiles of joy that I was inspired to write a sort of poem for the bulletin. It’s not very good, but I wanted to capture this memorable May Crowning. How better than in verse? Again, thanks all around…our vigilant MCs, like sheepdogs minding Our Lord’s lambs, our fine choir and organist, and Jeannie Hille and Katie, who stayed until 6 PM over the lovely wedding like arrangements. May Mary, the Blessed Mother of God whom He permits us to choose as our own, watch over you all.

Keep Fr. Nkamuke in your prayers, as conditions in Nigeria deteriorate. He was waiting for a bus to his next mission the other Sunday when a ruckus about a disputed election arose. Young men with machetes came running, and Father with the rest fled. He fell, but only his cassock was injured. It is a difficult life, to be sure.

Fr. Cekada is currently engaged in a series of medical tests and consultations. He has been diagnosed with a very rare form of bladder cancer. May the Holy Ghost guide his treatment, and lead him to full health. Your prayers are so necessary, and appreciated.

Pentecost has two more days of high celebrations, and the Octave leads us into Summer with the Ember Days. Still, the sweet days of Mary and of May continue. Do not forsake your devotions. Mary will never for-sake you, her child. May our children lead us to her altar.

May the Holy Ghost enkindle in you, the fire of His love!
—Bishop Dolan