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Pentecost XI

JUNE 14 – SEPTEMBER 6, 2016
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Daily Sermons
July 15 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Henry, The Model Ruler
July 26 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Boys’ Camp I: Jacob
July 27 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Boys’ Camp II: Reuben
July 28 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Boys’ Camp III: Joseph
July 30 – Fr. McGuire – Mary’s Clients in Purgatory

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
The month of the Precious Blood ends today, and we honor that valiant warrior who fought so fiercely and well to extend its empire, St. Ignatius Loyola. So great, so Catholic, were the Jesuits that they had to be suppressed during the revolutionary Masonic “Enlightenment.” Later they became worldly and would be one of the first to be infiltrated and effectively destroyed well before the changes, as were the Trappists. Notice how Bergoglio, among his many crimes, has lately gone after contemplative nuns, since prayer must cease. How we need a good Spanish warrior saint today like St. Ignatius, or St. James, “the Moor Slayer.”

Incredible as it may seem, the Novus Ordo parish in Normandy where the priest was slain (and he was a valid priest, poor soul, ordained in 1958, but gone over to the new religion) actually gave the land to the Moslems for a Mosque. How far we are from any notion of true Catholicism. But it may be true that God is using the Mohammedans, as of old, to punish the Christians for their sins. The sight of a priest, his throat slit by Moslems, should open some Christian eyes…

Especially those who are cozying up to Bergoglio’s new church! He went to Poland to tell the youth “to make a mess” and their elders to let in more Mohammedans. Meanwhile, “the Vatican” has released a new sex-ed program for teens, which has no mention of parents, or of mortal sin! They are working day and night to destroy souls. A slit throat passes in a moment, but souls are for eternity. Precious Blood of Jesus, save us!

The Sanctuary shrine of the Precious Blood for July proved popular. It is actually one of fourteen Stations of the Cross from before the changes. This week’s early August shrine will honor the Holy Face of Our Lord, “outraged anew by blasphemers.” August’s original dedication is to the Second Person of the Blessed, the Eternal Wisdom. We see the very face of God in the Holy Face, that face which “did shine as the sun” in the Transfiguration, which we observe this Saturday, First Saturday. Later this month we honor the Assumption of Our Lady, and all month long her Immaculate Heart, which God Himself wills should be the object of our devotion.

This is a week strewn with beautiful feasts, like flowers on the path: St. Peter’s Chains (how relevant), St. Alphonsus, Bl. Peter Julian Eymard, St. Stephen’s relics, St. Dominic, Our Lady of the Snows (how refreshing!) and the Transfiguration. Observe some with us?

Again this month we have a morning Holy Hour to pray for priests on First Thursday, with Mass at 8,followed by devotions and Benediction. The full traditional First Friday schedule includes All Night Adoration. May we include you among the adorers? Next Sunday concludes this wonderful line up with a devotional feast of God our most loving Father, as we learn in an interesting private revelation.

Thanks to the Fathers and fathers who made a fine Boys’ Camp possible, and to the mothers who arranged for the food. The weather was not all that could be hoped for, but we did need the rain. The 25 campers were undeterred, though, and all had a fine time indeed.

I’m off to Milwaukee this weekend for Confirmations and a long overdue visit. Two seminarians, Messers Paul Wesner and Tobias Bayer, arrive tomorrow to spend some time with us. Fr. Cekada is feeling much better, and has produced, from his sick room this month, a very fine video called “Dead on Arrival.” That Fr. Cekada! Quite a sense of humor. Catch the latest on True or False Pope? on YouTube.

See how up to date we most “paleo” of Catholics are? Twitter and YouTube to spread the Holy Gospel. Be an apostle, and you will be a blessing to others.
– Bishop Dolan