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Pentecost XIX

Daily Sermons
September 19 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Eulalia of Merida
September 20 – Fr. McGuire – St. Eustace & Companions: Wait for It
September 21 – Fr. McGuire – St. Matthew: Vocations
September 22 – Fr. McGuire – St. Thomas of Villanova
September 23 – Bp. Dolan – What’s a Sermon For?

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Happy Angel Sunday. Be an angel for your Angel Guardian, and help him and us guard the innocence of our children. I’m thinking of Mass, of Catechism Class, and so much more. What a joy it is to bless the little ones today. What a blessing.

Katie tells me that when she was little, in kindergarten, she received her Guardian Angel medal, and kept it safely, wearing it to church each year on this day. But medals, like growing up children anymore, have a way of going astray, so we “stickerize” the little ones for the day, praying the blessing and protection, like the assigned angel, will stick.

Our new picnic shelter at Sharon Woods park turned out to be “just right” for our needs, and shady, too. We all had a good meal, and a good visit. The children enjoyed their play and the piñata, too. I always miss talking to a soul or two I spy in the distance, but generally Fr. McGuire, Fr. Lehtoranta and I were able to make our rounds and visit. It’s really a wonderful parish event, this picnic. Many thanks to Mark and Joan Lotarski for shopping and set up, and to everyone who came and shared, and the cleanup detail too.

Thomas Simpson writes that he missed the picnic, but is plenty busy with philosophy classes. He’s wearing his cassock now, and reports all is well for him and Br. Brendan, who is staying busy on the lawnmower.

Fr. Cekada is slowly taking up again some of his regular activities, and continues to get stronger slowly. His next doctor’s appointment is in two weeks, when they will see about scheduling surgery.

Our Autumnal Equinox passed with Summer heat and humidity, and the curious absence of birds, whose place has been taken by bugs, mosquitoes in particular. I miss our feathered friends. Cooler weather is called for this week. Maybe they will come back.

Another Novus Ordo priest or two in Mexico were kidnapped and killed lately in Vera Cruz state, where I visited in July. But I’m sure the angels and Our Lady were protecting me. A very fine video of the Coronation of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel may be seen on our sgg.org site. (See newsletter section below.)

Fr. Thielen is a true blessing to us, and so many souls in south and central Ohio, and beyond. He had been on his way the other day to Carey, Ohio and Our Lady of Consolation, when he was called back to the deathbed of Sam Shirey’s wife, Becky, in Springfield. It seems as though Our Lord has raised him up to take care of so many old timers and pioneers of the early years, so that they, who gave so much, would not themselves at the end be deprived of a priest. Pray for your priests. Pray for those who built up our missions and churches years ago. Pray for the many children and grandchildren who have forgotten that same Faith which was salvaged and handed on to them, for them, with great sacrifice.

How much the North American Martyrs, whom we honor tomorrow, sacrificed to save a relative handful of souls. How precious is one immortal soul! Ask them this week, and great St. Michael for their help. This Archangel is the one who receives souls at their passing, unto judgment. May he protect and defend us against the foe!

—Bishop Dolan