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Pentecost XXV

Fr. Cekada Sings the Preface, All Saints, 2016

Preparing for the procession signifying the opening of our 40 Hours devotion.

The Sun Rises above our Lady and Child.

Daily Sermons
October 31 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Ghost Priest
November 1 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Communion of Saints (I)
November 2 – Bp. Dolan – Visits for the Souls
November 3 – Bp. Dolan – Bl. Martin: Poor But Powerful
November 4 – Fr. Lehtoranta – How Your Heart Should be Like

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
The beautiful, enthusiastic feast of Christ the King, only a week ago, seems dimmed now in our memory, doesn’t it? This is due to the succession of great celebrations and devotions this past week. Of course, there are the inevitable distractions, these last days of the crucial election campaign, and the opening days of Bergoglio’s latest project: to make us all left wing Lutherans.

Good thing we have a liturgical year to form us and correct us, to calm us and elevate us, for these solemn observances withdraw us a little from the hurly burly of this life, to keep an eye fixed on eternity. Thanks for your generosity in making this possible, as well as your participation in these annual days of grace.

We had another one of those quiet Solemn High Masses for All Saints Day, the sun shining in and the school children sweetly singing. (Paulina, who misses Mass terribly but follows on the webcast, always preferred those Masses above all.) Fr. Cekada with his trademark “More Solemn” (Solemnior) preface tone was celebrant, first time since March probably. We were all happy to see him feeling so well. Please do keep him particularly in your prayers this Thursday, as he has his major cancer surgery for the removal of the tumor. We are all confident, and buoyed up by the many, many Masses and prayers you have offered for him. God reward you.

How many Poor Souls were helped on Wednesday. What a comfort it was to hear the whoosh and the mild thud of the door during Mass, for the Church Militant was going in and out to gain indulgences (take that, Martin Luther!) for the Church Suffering. Twelve Holy Masses were offered all day long, and many of you came round to hear a Mass or two, and gain the indulgences. The children sang the Requiem High Mass for all of the souls named on our altar, and again the Absolution after Mass. The next day, on a dreary Thursday, they cheerfully trooped off to make the indulgenced visit to the cemetery. Some of the mothers offered a nice pizza lunch beforehand, so our young scholars went off well fortified for their spiritual work of mercy.

Don’t forget to pray with us this Friday for Veteran’s Day. Remember 11/11/11. Remember all of the victims of all of our wars, as you pray for their eternal rest, and pray too for peace.

But today we’re celebrating again, aren’t we? All Saints Sunday, with the little ones to charm and inspire us! And how entertaining as well! See you at the High Mass.

Let us not forget Our Mother of Good Counsel, whose indulgenced devotion opens today. May she continue to guide us, even as she watches over our spiritual and temporal needs. Let’s put our country under her patronage as well.

I send an All Saints blessing home with you all.

—Bishop Dolan

P.S. Congratulations to Fr. Bede Nkamuke who is celebrating his 3rd anniversary of priestly ordination today.