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Advent I

Our Little Saints, 2016

Daily Sermons
November 21- Fr. Lehtoranta – Lily Tanedo, Presented to Our Lady
November 22 – Fr. McKenna – St. Cecilia
November 23 – Fr. McGuire – St. Gertrude & God’s Love for Us
November 24 – Bp. Dolan – Thanksgiving: You Need the NOUN
November 26 – Bp. Dolan – Reformer or Revolutionary

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Thanksgiving Sunday collides with Advent in church today, and with full-blown commercial “Christmas” in the world. It’s a jarring feeling to see the lights up and the evergreens for sale. But this year our Advent is the longest possible, affording us plenty of opportunity to savor this shortest of Church seasons. But it’s up to you to live its spirit.

I hope we have a long lingering Fall this year, which would encourage us still to remember our dead, and to prepare for our own death, one of the Comings of Christ which should occupy us at Advent. See how the themes and graces of this season vary, but each of them prepares your heart for one of Christ’s Comings, so that we will be found ready and waiting.

So, continue your devotions to the Poor Souls. Put the parties on hold. Spend some time meditating quietly. Promise a penance or two and stick with it. Give some alms. Donate a Mass. Come to a weekday Mass, or Sunday Vespers, or the Saturday Rorates. Have some Advent reading to occupy yourself instead of “the social media.” Be quiet. It’s Advent.

How was your Thanksgiving? I was gratified by the good attendance at both Masses, and touched too by the many acts of kindness. We had a fine feast. It’s good to have Fr. Cekada home again. He keeps on telling me how well he ate at Jewish Hospital. This cook has his work cut out for him. But he does continue his recovery, slow but sure. Thank you for all of your continued prayers and help.

Fr. Lehtoranta spent the holiday on the road, bringing the sacraments and Mass to one solitary Catholic near Macon, Georgia. We’re saving some dinner for him. Fr. McKenna ate a good dinner, and especially enjoyed the apple pie. Thus fortified, he headed out to the northern mission the next morning. We pray for safe travels for him, and you all, at this busy season.

We had a wonderful scene in Helfta Hall the other Saturday. The Baby Jesus’ Little Helpers and big packed gift boxes for our poor Mexican children. I was impressed with the charity of it all, as well as with the smooth organization, and the many workers. It’s become a wonderful “pre-Advent” tradition.

Warren Pevnick, one of our 7:30 faithful, had to move away recently. He’s a good friend, and we shall miss him. We must say the same of John Madaffari, another of the 7:30 faithful. His Absolution was this morning. I will be going to bless his tomb, and finish his funeral rites. His Requiem High Mass will be Monday, December 5, at 11:20 AM.

Fr. McGuire reports a fine and very edifying Forty Hours Devotion in Milwaukee, the weekend of the Solemnity of St. Hugh of Lincoln, their patron. Such a small chapel (some sixty souls on average) but they did the whole Devotion, including two All Night Adorations. We cannot help but be edified and impressed by such devotion, and send them our prayerful greetings for their Patronal Feast.

All Night Adoration, with its quiet night watch before the Lord, is a most Advent devotion. I hope Our Lord sees you, kneeling (or sitting) there before Him on the altar. What a preparation for death, what a participation in eternal life begun here below!

“Blessed is that servant whom the Master, when he comes, shall find watching.” “Watch and wait, for you know neither the day nor the hour.”

A watchful Advent to you!

–Bp. Dolan