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Lent I

Our Lady of Fatima, on a crisp Sunday morning before Mass

Daily Sermons
February 27 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Gabriel Possenti and His Humility
February 28 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Feast of the Holy Face of Jesus
March 1 – Fr. Lehtoranta – How to Keep Lent with Mary
March 2 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Prayer and Tears of King Ezechias
March 3 – Bp. Dolan – The Crown of Thorns

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
We woke up to Winter white on First Friday, but today Spring is back for Lent’s First Sunday. In fact, it seems that most of our Winter has been a slow Spring, with the odd cold blast or snow shower. We are grateful for the weather.

But have you taken your soul’s temperature? Is it not icy cold there, with the odd Spring thaw? That’s why we need Lent, and Our Lady’s very great love, to “melt the frozen, warm the chill” as we sing at Pentecost. How has your Lent begun these past few days?

Ash Wednesday was sparse, as it was the previous two years, due perhaps to bad weather. This year’s hail and high winds worked against us. Next year we must remember to pray for good weather, perhaps a novena to the Holy Face. The devil surely cannot bear to see so many out and about for a day with their foreheads marked with a holy cross. How bold Satan has been in his attacks of late. We should be equally bold in approaching “the throne of grace” God gives us in the latter day, Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Dedicate your Lent to her.

I pray for many good fruits, strong friendships and spiritual encouragement to come from last week’s wonderful Social Sunday. Wow! What a success! A great combination of hunger and free food and convenience really packed ’em in, as never before. Brilliant idea! I regret I could not be with you, but as pastor I am so gratified and grateful to all who gave and worked, and to those who took some time to stay and participate. Many thanks! Let’s do it again?

Well, we are, in a way, doing the same thing, these Fridays of Lent. Great suppers are on offer. Free! Emboldened by the pancakes, perhaps you would like to check it out? Come to Mass and stay for supper, or come for something to eat and fortify yourself for Stations. Don’t forget the short Stations we’re slipping in between Catechism and the 11:30 Mass on Sundays.

Much coming and going this week. Fr. McKenna returns from his travels today and Fr. McGuire heads south to Louisiana, and up to Milwaukee on Wednesday. Tomorrow Fr. Cekada goes to visit the seminary for a few days. This is his first trip since surgery. Please pray that all goes well for our traveling Fathers.

St. Thomas Aquinas, Angel of the Schools, is honored with four Masses here Tuesday. Please pray for our school, all of our students, and our seminary as well. Don’t forget the Ember Days this week, and to Spring Forward next Sunday.

God bless you, and the beginning of your Lent.

—Bishop Dolan