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Pentecost VIII

YAG 2017! Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make this event a great success.

Daily Sermons
July 7 – Fr. McKenna – YAG I: Sacred Heart and True Love and Courtship
July 8 – Fr. McKenna – YAG II: St. Elizabeth of Portugal, the Faithful Wife
July 9 – Fr. McKenna – YAG III: Solemnity of the Precious Blood and Sacrifice in Marriage
July 12 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Girls’ Camp I: Jacinta and the 1st Secret of Fatima
July 13 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Girls’ Camp II: Francisco Marto and the Second Secret of Fatima
July 14 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Girls’ Camp III: Lucia and the Third Secret of Fatima

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Our busy July sighs to an end tomorrow with the ever active contemplative St. Ignatius. This unapologetic modern reminds us that in the midst of our busy business, we must never forget the knee business, our daily quiet, our prayer or meditation. This is the secret of any lasting success we will know. Indeed it was because the Jesuits were so successful that they excited such enmity, and had to be suppressed to satisfy the Church’s enemies during the era of the Revolution. The next time around they were infiltrated, and this eventually led to Bergoglio, and the seeming destruction of the Church. But it will only be rebuilt, and souls saved, on the foundation of prayer.

We pass our summer here catching up from the winter and planning for the fall. Nor must our future, our young people, be neglected. They are our springtime. Thus our July started with a revived Young Adult Get-Together, and then went on to the Girls Camp and then the Boys. This just concluded on Thursday. The young men all had a good time, it seems. Thank you to our McFathers and some family fathers who helped. The older campers were big brothers to the little ones, and everyone got along fine. At the daily High Mass Fr. McKenna preached a series on the admirable advocate and martyr of Christ the King, Garcia Moreno, model for our men and boys. The weather cooperated, and even a rainy forecast did not dampen their spirits. They happily played cards and board games, and were never bored.

Nor could clergy and staff here be bored these summer days. We’re planning out the new season, working on the liturgical guide or Ordo, the calendar, bulletins, music programs, and the new school year. Fr. Cekada will be teaching a music appreciation class on Fridays. He’s also planning to add a men’s section to our excellent Sunday choir. He will resume teaching at the seminary in the Fall, and is figuring out that schedule as well. Finally, he was running over to Walmart to ship some money to two of our foreign priests with pressing needs. It never stops, as he says. It seems his license, however, expired (priest’s license?) and thus he could not ship money. Mark Lotarski rescued the project. Thanks, Mark!

Fr. McKenna reports that his first Mass at the still beautiful chapel in Powers Lake went well, with thirteen souls in attendance. I was in Louisiana where we had more than that, and a good visit with old and young, and neighboring Fr. Francis Miller. Fr. Lehtoranta is in Milwaukee today, and the little mission of St. Joseph in Chadwick, Illinois this evening. We call this mission “the National” because we also dedicated it as a national shrine to the Little Child Jesus, Doctor of the Sick. Fr. McGuire reports that one of our devoted sick, Gary Amyx, will be moving to Columbus to be with his daughter. Gary suffers from Parkinson’s. He has always been a most spiritual man, always so edifying to visit.

Fr. Thielen reports that the Columbus chapel he faithfully serves each Sunday morning is growing. We have received a number of inquiries from the Columbus area of late. That’s another thing we do: field emails and calls from Ohio or all around the world. It’s a busy summer.

Attendance was a little low last Sunday, but this is high vacation season. Still, it is always a pleasure to welcome Sunday visitors, as also our monthly faithful who come from a great distance. It’s also a happy challenge to put names with faces.

Fr. Lehtoranta is slowly working his way through the pile of papers, forms, fees and requirements which compose the back and forth dance of getting a Green Card. This INS classification will enable him, eventually, to come and go across the border. It is a type or figure of Paradise, for much patience and perseverance is required to attain it.

According to the cat calendar, it is early autumn. Puccini and Caravaggio are taking turns sleeping inside so as to claim a place for winter. They are, if possible, eating even more than before, or at least trying to. Caravaggio is somewhat more friendly than usual, as he knows where his cat food is coming from. He knows all about making friends of mammon, or at least the paté of clergy. I thought this cat calendar curiously in advance, but then I remembered that the summer weather has been about three weeks in advance, so it does make sense. Cat sense!

Sr. Jeanne Marie was still waiting to be transferred to a rehab facility. Her heart gives her problems. (She has a big heart!) We miss her at church. The last place which rehabilitated her was one of those “Christian” places, which almost did her in. Maybe they’ll try the Jews this time. If you call yourself Christian, you really should live up to it. But Sister would certainly appreciate a visit, wherever she ends up.

I hope you’re enjoying some summer visiting, a bit of time away, or even relaxing at home. St. Christopher protect your travels. Don’t forget to visit the Blessed Sacrament this First Friday/Saturday, as also to offer your Communions of Reparation. I send a blessing your way.
– Bishop Dolan