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Pentecost IX

YAG 2017! Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make this event a great success.

Daily Sermons
July 7 – Fr. McKenna – YAG I: Sacred Heart and True Love and Courtship
July 8 – Fr. McKenna – YAG II: St. Elizabeth of Portugal, the Faithful Wife
July 9 – Fr. McKenna – YAG III: Solemnity of the Precious Blood and Sacrifice in Marriage
July 12 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Girls’ Camp I: Jacinta and the 1st Secret of Fatima
July 13 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Girls’ Camp II: Francisco Marto and the Second Secret of Fatima
July 14 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Girls’ Camp III: Lucia and the Third Secret of Fatima
July 25 – Fr. McKenna – Boys’ Camp I: Gabriel Garcia Moreno – Piety & Humility
July 26 – Fr. McKenna – Boys’ Camp II: Gabriel Garcia Moreno – Fidelity to the Church
July 27 – Fr. McKenna – Boys’ Camp III: Gabriel Garcia Moreno – Heroic Martyrdom

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
This past week was a heavy one, both for work and weather. And it’s always harder to work in this weather! But all of our feasts and devotions were duly done, and sung. Our young people formed a fine choir for St. Peter’s Chains. First Friday’s Adoration (thank you to the Guard of Honor) anticipated the glory of today’s Transfiguration. “Lord it is good for us to be here!” we can only cry out with Peter. Believe it.

Last week Fr. Lehtoranta had the inspiration to initiate the First Wednesday devotion, so we did. (How did we miss that one all these years?) A five years indulgence is granted for those who “perform some devout exercise in honor of St. Joseph” on the first Wednesday of the month. So we did, as Father led us in the Litany. A private revelation indicates today, First Sunday of August, to honor God the Father. The idea of God as Father is blasphemous to the Mohammedans, and forgotten by too many Christians. St. Joseph is the Shadow of the Eternal Father. May this devotion remind us of these profound and consoling truths. God really does want to be “Abba,” Daddy to His children.

We’ve been doing a morning First Thursday Holy Hour this summer, as also last. Nobody in particular is going to attend any of our devotions, I remind myself. But it is important that the prayers are said some-where, by somebody. I think we’ll keep the 8 AM First Thursday time come the fall. It is crucial to pray for our priests, for fallen away priests, for vocations and for our seminarians. We’ll be sending three seminarians to Florida in September, so I figure somebody must have been praying. Deo gratias. Keep it up. We need priests.

We had our third July death (they mostly come in threes) on Sunday morning with the passing of Mike Briggs’ mother Joyce. Fr. Cekada drove Fr. Lehtoranta and me to the wake in Loveland on Wednesday night. At some point he pulled into the parking lot of a Baptist church to get his bearings. It was a beehive of activity. “Vespers,” Fr. Cekada quipped. Well, if only the Baptists knew about Vespers being almost all biblical, I’m sure they would crowd in. Then our parking lot would be packed on some Sunday afternoons. Imagine. Twice on a Sunday and once during the week, and they line up to tithe their ten percent! But they have neither tabernacle nor altar nor sacrifice. Do you suppose we will one day pay terribly for taking it all for granted?

Caravaggio has been mostly inside this week, because he knows winter is on its way. But he did slip out for a little hunting. Nothing too practical, mind you, just for sport. He bagged a brown, weasel snouted creature the other afternoon, and went to hide it from me, lest I impound it. I’ve seen these animals around before, and wonder what they are. They walk with a curious, wavy motion.

The McFathers have decamped to hot humid Florida (they could have stayed here) for vacation. Fr. Lehtoranta is taking care of the sick calls, and the rabbit. Dog is behaving itself, but Fr. Lehtoranta speculates it may be getting lonely. I’m sure it appreciates his thoughtful care.

Summertime brought another light attendance last week, but a good collection. We are grateful to those who give from the heart. You are the heart of our church, and keep us going.

St. Anthony on Tuesday, and St. Philomena on Friday! Gather your petitions and pray with us. The Holy Day comes next week. God bless you.

– Bishop Dolan