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Pentecost XI

Daily Sermons
July 25 – Fr. McKenna – Boys’ Camp I: Gabriel Garcia Moreno – Piety & Humility
July 26 – Fr. McKenna – Boys’ Camp II: Gabriel Garcia Moreno – Fidelity to the Church
July 27 – Fr. McKenna – Boys’ Camp III: Gabriel Garcia Moreno – Heroic Martyrdom

July 28 – Bp. Dolan – Boy Saints & Missionaries
August 1 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Peter and Rhoda
August 4 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Dominic, The Preacher of God’s Love
August 15 – Bp. Dolan – 3 Days – Kidnapping, Patience, The Mother of God

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
When I came out of my house and into the sun Tuesday morning for the Pontifical, I could smell the herbs set up to be blessed in front of the Our Lady of Fatima shrine on the lawn. A good portent, I thought. We need something fresh and holy to clear the air these days. The old socialist lies and anarchist maneuvers have poisoned the summer air, planted there by those who control things behind the scenes. Their march is secure, inexorable, undisturbed, confident. The scene seems similar to that which prepared the way for world war one hundred years ago, and again eighty years ago.

Meanwhile Our Lady of the Sun is graciously waiting for us, “a great sign in the heaven.” Tomorrow’s purely natural phenomenon is eclipsed by Mary’s glory, but only faith gives the glasses to let us see and appreciate her glory and God’s plan. Be at peace. Prayer really is the solution.

Last weekend was a beehive of activity and I was sorry to have missed it, especially the Sunday evening Rosary Procession, which drew some 50 souls. The feast itself of the Immaculate Heart of Mary comes Tuesday, coinciding with one of the final weeks of our Summer Novena.

These quiet days of August’s end permit us to do our planning for the new season come September. Sunday Classes commence September 10th. Our annual parish picnic is the 17th. Rosary Sunday falls on the very first day of October. Forty Hours is the weekend of October 20th-22nd. Oh, and school opens Wednesday, September 6th. Fr. Cekada is planning an interesting looking Music Appreciation course for the High Schoolers.

I heard a sad report recently of a typical Novus Ordo funeral in a big, wealthy suburban parish. The server/thurifer was a lady in a sleeveless top and slacks, and the other lady, the cantor, sang the “Absolution” to the tune of O Danny Boy! Is this really too hard for anyone to figure out?

The McFathers are in the northern missions to-day. Fr. Lehtoranta is helping here. This week the school preparation meetings take place for our teachers. We are welcoming Miss Colleen Eldracher, of Michigan, to our faculty. Fr. Cekada is adding a men’s section to our Sunday choir this year, which will enable them to expand considerably their repertory and sound range.

Tomorrow is Sr. Jeanne Marie’s feast day, and we wish Sister a blessed one, with many prayers for a speedy and secure recovery. God keep her, and all of our shut in in His loving care.

The 7:00 AM Assumption Mass proved very popular last week, drawing almost 100 souls. In fact, all of the Masses were well attended. We had a lot of visitors at the 5:45 PM Mass.

On Friday there was a deadly Moslem attack in Fr. Lehtoranta’s hometown of Turku, Finland, in the very shopping area he knows well. We truly are living through a revolution, from the destruction of our American History, to the bloody Islamization of Europe.

Today’s St. Bernard is a Crusader Saint of Christendom. He is the glory of the high middle ages, the protector of the papacy against infiltration, a profound contemplative and an energetic church reformer. Oh, and never was there a more tender nor devoted son of Mary. May he light our way in this eclipsed Church of ours.

God bless you,

Bishop Dolan