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Pentecost XII

Daily Sermons
July 25 – Fr. McKenna – Boys’ Camp I: Gabriel Garcia Moreno – Piety & Humility
July 26 – Fr. McKenna – Boys’ Camp II: Gabriel Garcia Moreno – Fidelity to the Church
July 27 – Fr. McKenna – Boys’ Camp III: Gabriel Garcia Moreno – Heroic Martyrdom

July 28 – Bp. Dolan – Boy Saints & Missionaries
August 1 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Peter and Rhoda
August 4 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Dominic, The Preacher of God’s Love
August 15 – Bp. Dolan – 3 Days – Kidnapping, Patience, The Mother of God

✠ Note from Father ✠

Dear Faithful,

While Bishop Dolan and Fr. Cekada are away on a much needed vacation (I figure it has been at least two years since their last one) the McFathers will take care of writing the Bishop’s Corner—only I suppose that for the next couple of weeks we should refrain from calling it “Bishop’s” Corner and just call it Note from Father. Anyway, on to the news…

One of my main duties as a priest is visiting and taking the sacraments to the sick. So I thought I’d fill you in on how some of these poor souls are doing.

Visiting the sick is one of the corporal works of mercy. Great rewards are promised in Sacred Scripture for those who visit the sick. Many of the saints loved taking care of them. I think of St. Camillus of Lellis, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Francis of Assisi, and others. They saw Our Lord in the sick and took care of them for Christ’s sake. I hope each of you might consider stopping by to see them. I’d be happy to give you an address or two so you could perform this great act of charity.

They say that you can tell how holy a man is when you see him on his sick bed. It is on the sick bed that the many virtues of a holy man have a chance to shine. Patience, resignation, the acceptance of certain humiliations, offering up of pains, etc. I’ve seen many a person’s sick bed, and therefore have seen many a devout soul. I’m very frequently taught how to be virtuous by the very ones whom I go to console.

Gary Amyx just recently moved to the Columbus area to be taken care of by his daughter and son-in-law. He’s afraid of the pressure he might get from them because they go to their local Novus Ordo Church. Gary suffers from many conditions—but mostly from Parkinson’s Disease. I admit, he deals with it well. Spiritual Reading is a big part of his spiritual life, and it shows when you talk with him.

Paul Leurke, recently turned 92, is having some minor setbacks in his health, but continues to keep moving forward. I always enjoy my visits with Paul. He’s got a good sense of humor—one quality that definitely helps one on a sick call.

Paulina Strauss, the priests’ former cook, lives in Northern Kentucky near her daughter. Everything is always the same with her. She misses church (who wouldn’t!), but I’m sure she offers up her pain for some soul. And who knows, but you might be the one benefiting from her sacrifice.

Jane Donadio has been moved from place to place over the last year and has finally landed on Turkeyfoot somewhere in Kentucky not far from Paulina. Her only response when I ask how she’s doing is “I can’t complain. God’s been good to me.” Every time, without fail, that’s the answer she gives. She sincerely means these words too. When the going gets tough, repeat those words as a sort of prayer. Who knows, you might actually start to see the truth in them!

Loraine Gates and Bee Lutkehaus are hard to catch at a time when they can get the sacraments. Loraine is often asleep—at 90+ years, I think I’ll let her get away with that. Bee is more and more going into a kind of dementia and forgets many things. But they are both faithful to their Catholic Faith.

Viola Ripperger—a good friend of Loraine Gates—is always looking forward to a visit with her priests. Her son lives with her and makes sure that there is always someone home to care for his mother.

F.W. Woods lives near church, but suffers from many ailments. He comes to church on his own when he can, but it’s difficult. In his spare time he has been putting together an old Army Jeep. It looks great. He also paints when he has time. He’s painted a few saints pictures for us here at St. Gertrude’s.

Janet Clementi seems to have improved over the years and is a sweet lady who actually enjoys talking. Of course she has such hearing problems that she can neither hear nor speak clearly. The way to communicate with her is to write back and forth.

Sr. Jeanne Marie is having one cross after another but still perseveres. Pray for this good Sister to be strong during her “never ending” series of crosses. God tries those whom He loves!

There are other sick people to report on, but I’ll save it for another time. You already get the message, I’m sure.

We all have so much to suffer. The key is to not allow ourselves to get down in the dumps. Get outside of your own thoughts about yourself. Go out and do a kind deed for a fellow Catholic. It works, that is, it helps lift you from your sad mood. And then, when done in the state of grace, and for love of God or some other good intention, it becomes meritorious.

Fr. McKenna writes to you next week. In the meantime, stay with Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.

– Fr. McGuire