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Epiphany II

Our Altar Servers pray together after Mass.

A ray of sunlight illuminates the incense on this very cold morning, while Fr. McGuire offers the first High Mass of the new year.

Our Altar, before Midnight Mass.

Daily Sermons
January 4 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Great Sorrow and the Great Joy
January 5 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Joys and Sorrow of Christmas
January 9 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Example of the Magi to the Faithful Catholics
January 10 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Epiphany: The Manifestation of Christ
January 11 – Fr. McKenna – Two Saints & Three Gifts

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
What a simply splendid Epiphany we had, adoring the newborn King in the so cold sunlight on First Saturday, and warming ourselves at His altar crib. It was a beautiful act of reparation to Mary’s Heart; the heart-felt highpoint of our Christmas. Thanks to the Legacy Choir for providing the music, and to clergy and servers for mastering the various intricate court rituals of the Solemn High Mass “coram Sanctissimo,” before the Blessed Sacrament Exposed. Thanks to so many for coming. What a surprise! And thanks to Mark Lotarski for a most welcome and cheering breakfast afterwards. St. Gertrude at its best. Simply Great.

Speaking of welcome, doesn’t that describe our mini Spring last week? It was an encouraging preview of coming attractions, which should steel us to get through the ice and snow predicted for this weekend.

I was grateful for the mild weather Wednesday as we buried Vivian Wainright in Milford. Some charitable souls joined us for her Requiem, and Fr. McKenna and I as well as the Kinnetts went out to the improbably named Graceland Gardens for the burial service. Granddaughter Angela found among Vivian’s papers the poem we print today, one of the many from her friend and ours, dear Sr. Gerard. Read it. It’s a message we must all remember.

Fr. Cekada, bad cold and all, is heading down to the seminary tomorrow for his teaching week, and also planning for Fr. Selway’s Consecration on February 22nd. Please do keep these intentions in your prayers, as well as several “special” ones.

Our McMissionaries have headed off, Magi-like, to exotic and faraway climes, and are certainly worthy of our prayers for their protection and fruitful labors. Fr. McGuire visits Milwaukee and Illinois and north-central Wisconsin. Fr. McKenna is scheduled to tour the south before returning to North Dakota’s walk-in freezer.

The whole Church is called upon to pray for the precious grace of unity come Thursday, the opening of the approved, indulgenced Chair of Unity Octave. We pray for the return of different non-Catholic groups to Mother Church. We would do well to remember all of the confused Catholic groups out there as well in this great chastisement.

Until Catholics understand the question of the Church, confusion will reign. It never was about the Mass. If you are in the true Church, you have the true Mass, period, even though access to it may be difficult at times. There is a false or anti-church which passes itself off as the general article, but which is not the Church Christ founded. They have the titles, the property, and the robes and Rome; we have the Faith. Be not deceived, but in your charity pray for their conversion.

The rest of January looks to be a quiet one. We pray for good weather and good health. But cast an up-coming eye on our February calendar. Its First Friday is the Mass of the Candles, and with it Mardi Gras, for it is an early Lent, and a full schedule.

We’ll continue to study the Mass this Lent. If you were going to daily Mass this Lent, what time would work best for you? It’s a big “If,” I know, but let me know anyway, won’t you?
Happy Hilary Term. “Jesus made the water into wine,” but at Mary’s prayer.

– Bishop Dolan