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Daily Sermons
January 29 – Bp. Dolan – St. Francis de Sales – Preaching Without Sound
January 30 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Busy and Idle Workers of the Vineyard
January 31 – Fr. McKenna – St. John Bosco & The Great Guardian Grigio
February 1 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Ignatius and the Duties of a Bishop
February 2 – Fr. McKenna – Now Thou dost Dismiss Thy Servant

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Holy Mass attendance was excellent this past week. May the fire build as we go on towards Lent. More priests are traveling this week, so there are slightly fewer Masses some days, but still a selection of times. I got another vote for 7 AM, and a few “absentee ballots” from our web faithful, for 8 AM, I think. The ideal would be to make the last Mass broadcast available on our site at any time, but we don’t know how to do this. It would be a gift to many souls, for sure. Can any technocatholic help with this, maybe as a Lenten sacrifice, to bring the Holy Sacrifice to yet more people?

February started with sorrow and joy. On Candlemas morning we bade farewell to the last of our “founding mothers,” Jane Donadio, as we sang her Requiem. She lived to a great age, and always edified us with her piety, right up to the end. Jane was very active years ago, and one of our devoted Tuesday Ironing La-dies. She did the small linens. Happily, her daughter Jane and so many of the grandchildren and great grand-children are with us. She is blessed in her family. Re-member her soul.

Friday evening was our Candle Mass, always so beautiful and touching, leading into one of the warmest social events (and we have many!) of the year, our Winter Soup Supper. Many thanks to all of our soup makers. They are all so good! And thanks to Mark Lotarski for his preparation, decoration, organization and…the great keepsake place mats. Meanwhile, faithful men adored in church, and implored blessings upon us all.

First Saturday brought out the troops yet again, for that Communion of Reparation Our Lord wants for Our Lady, and then the help we needed to put away Christmas, just in time for Lent. St. Valentine’s Day spells not sweets this year but sacrifice, a heart traced in ashes, as we begin our Lent: Ash Wednesday. But next Sunday you can celebrate early with us, at the Bake Sale. It’s Mardi Gras time!

Have you checked out the Gift Shop lately? Its fresh new look beckons browsers, and plenty of books line the new shelves, sacramentals as well, and lovely crafts from the Sisters. Make us your gift shopping destination! Our theme this Lent is the Mass. Maybe some of your “sacrifice money” (and do make it hurt some) could go towards equipping your family with appropriate missals and prayer books. So many to chose from. Don’t come to church empty handed, but do come!

This is a quiet week for us at St. Gertrude, after all of last week’s bustle and business. Soon it will be Lent, with our famous Friday night suppers. Many thanks to Marlys for organizing the roster of cooks, and to all who took a Friday. Now, if only we could organize you to “take a Friday.” The first is Friday, February 16, immediately after the 5:45 Mass. No charge, but donations are always welcome. Fortified by food you’ll be in good shape for Stations and Benediction. Pencil us in.

Sr. Jeanne Marie, so long now an invalid, was admitted to Health South in Norwood, a very serious rehabilitation facility. Her goal for this up to two week stay is to be able to stand again, and even take a few steps. This may seem a modest one, but it would be enormous progress for Sister, and open many doors. Please spare a prayer for this good and long-suffering religious during a difficult and painful rehabilitation.

God bless you for a good February. Shortest of months, its activities will shrink it further. May your hearts grow accordingly!
– Bishop Dolan