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Lent I

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Sharon Patton, who died early Saturday morning. Sharon was a beloved teacher in our school.

We are looking for donations for her funeral expenses. You can donate here:
Sharon Patton Funeral Expense Fund


Photos from Bp. Selway’s consecration. Congratulations!


Daily Sermons
February 12 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Our Lady and the Servites
February 13 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Holy Face: A Catholic Feast
February 14 – Bp. Dolan – It’s OK to be Sorry
February 15 – Bp. Dolan – Sincere Prayer
February 16 – Bp. Dolan – I Look at Him, He Looks at Me


Our altar servers come in several different sizes!


✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Lent got off to a good, but quiet start at St. Gertrude the Great. Like last week’s rain you came in dribs and drabs all day, rather than a downpour. But this rain will bring the green for St. Patrick’s Day and Spring, even as St. Valentine blessed your hearts, and you came quietly, off and on, for ashes and a blessing, for devotions and Mass. We will, or God will, see the growth come Easter. And now today we have our solemn public opening of the Forty Day Fast. Happy Lent!

Fr. Lehtoranta gave a nice report in his latest newsletter on last Tuesday’s activities, the feast of the Holy Face, and a little Mardi Gras party that followed for our students. Write to him at fr.lehtoranta@yandex.com to receive this free e-publication.

Isn’t the church beautiful in its Lenten array? Its stark images and sorrowful shades call us to repentance, to Mass, to the Passion of Christ. We must thank the same devoted few, or even fewer, who came again last week. They are the ones who put Christmas away after Candlemas. But see, all is in readiness. Attend!

That being said, you will note a lighter Lenten schedule this week, due to the episcopal consecration of Fr. Selway at Most Holy Trinity Seminary. Please consult the bulletin carefully, as always. There are still a variety of Masses and devotions at different times to enable everyone to do something.

Please do offer extra prayers this week for the new bishop who will serve as Bishop Sanborn’s assistant in his heavy apostolate at the seminary and abroad. We should gratefully reverence our clergy, overlook the odd fault we may seem to see at times, and give them our sincere support, our prayers and donations. So, do be with us in prayer on Thursday, feast of St. Peter’s Chair, and the historical occasion of the consecration of a true Catholic bishop, with the full ceremonial of the Church.

Plan to come to Mass or Stations Friday evening and get a firsthand report. Plan to come anyway! Don’t forget the short Sunday stations (10 minutes), the long Sunday Vespers and Benediction (50 minutes), and all the Holy Masses, both high (weekdays—50 minutes or so) and low (35 to 45). I thought the time chart might be helpful for those who have a lot to do. We made a good beginning this past week. It is the Mass we wish to emphasize above all this Lent. The Mass, like our life, lent to us for a time. Use your time well.

But is anybody reading any good books this Lent? A few years ago we used to have all of our students, both school and Sunday, read a life of a saint and do a book report for Lent. I’ve forgotten the last few years to request this, but if any teachers are reading this…. And I’d be happy to get and grade any book re-ports. I’m a great believer in reading. You should be too. We have a little used parish library of a sort, back in the school hall. We have wonderful, fresh, and highly recommended reading as well in our gift shop. Do yourself a favor. Read a book.

But most of all, go to Mass!

A Lenten blessing to you and yours!
– Bishop Dolan

P.S. Oh yes, the cats. They’re mistaking these warm humid late winter days for Spring, and are eager to get out. Caravaggio even fasted from his dinner one night, but he complained about it too much the next morning. Puccini was in a rush last Saturday. I was shaving with the door slightly ajar. Maybe he was in a hurry to get out and use the facilities, but he just reached in one paw, and pulled down my towel from its rack. Message
delivered. Staff hopped to it.