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Lent IV – Laetare

Daily Sermons
March 3 – Fr. Lehtoranta – 5th Joyful
March 5 – Bp. Dolan – Children Get it Right!
March 6 – Bp. Dolan – Forgive!
March 7 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Thomas Aquinas and Catholic Schools
March 8 – Bp. Dolan – A Healing Mass

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
I was talking with a nice non-Catholic lady from Southern Kentucky about the crazy changeable weather we had last week and she wisely summed it up in her charming twang, “Well, that’s March for you.” The Catholic in me sees it as symbolic of the greater Lenten struggle going on these days: Light vs. darkness. Fight on, nor be discouraged. Behold half of our combat is done, less than half remains. Let us rejoice that the true Spring, Easter, comes each year “ready or not” and animate ourselves bravely to fight on, generously to prepare.

The biggest enemy we face is not the enemy, in his many guises, but ourselves, as Pogo said. The saints reproach us each day. How hard they were on themselves, how easy on their neighbor. Curious how we manage to reverse it. But by prayer and penance and…kindness we can change the clock of our crimes, as we did last night with all of our gadgets for Daylight Savings Time. More daylight to do good. Put your neighbor’s virtues in the daylight right next to your own faults.

Two Robins claimed the campfire grounds the other day. Maybe they’ve scheduled a YRG. (Stay tuned for our YAG announcement.) A positively obese Robin was hopping around, feeding in Thursday’s snow and cold. The food must be good here, and he’s sticking it out. Every now and then somebody surprises us with a killer Lenten meal. We’re so grateful for your charity.

Fr. Cekada and the McFathers were away last week, so several days we did only morning Masses, since that seems to be where the money is. It’s nice to see the little Baptistry chapel full. Still, it was odd for me not be offering my 5 PM Mass. I hope those who are interested in that sort of thing (extra Lenten Masses) are finding our weekday schedule helpful. For the rest, well…?

Several extra faithful did come to the Vespers on Sunday. If you come, you could chant the psalms with the clergy, or the men with the schola. We alternate, and texts are provided. Or you could just read the translation, or just listen to the beautiful chant and pray. We want most of all to go out of our way and pray in Lent.

I was in my room the other morning, practicing that day’s Vesper hymn. Both cats, however, took exception to my singing, and came personally to remonstrate with me. Caravaggio climbed up on my lap with a wrathful look, as though he were the noise police. Puccini is generally an easygoing cat, but he has his limits, and came by to register a complaint. Radio or CDs they manage to bear in moderation, but never computer generated noise. I think I’ve been classed in that category.

Well the hymn does say we should be sparing in all things during Lent, except prayer and charity. I pray your charity increases this Lent, and your prayer deepens.

A special Mass is on offer for Saturday, St. Patrick’s day. And afternoon as well as evening Masses this week, and Stations, and a Recollection…. See you for Vespers this afternoon?

Enjoy the fun for Sister Sunday this morning. A wonderful way to rejoice. Just don’t end up like that Robin…

God bless you all,
– Bishop Dolan