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Trinity Sunday

The vesting of the bishop, on Pentecost Sunday

Bishop Dolan gives his Pontifical Blessing

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
We are all still basking in the warm, Holy Ghost glow of Pentecost’s Glories this Trinity Sunday. How quickly the four hours of the fiery red vigil passed, until the Holy Ghost descended and we emerged with one new Catholic, and 26 new soldiers of Christ, signed and sealed. But God’s Spirit leaves us hungry for more, and the little ones will soon be fed with the Bread of Life. In the midst of the splendid solemnity and the prayer of eight days’ Eucharistic adoration, the children will receive Jesus in Holy Communion next Sunday. He comes to them in all simplicity, leaving aside all signs of His royalty, just a little Wafer of white laid gently on still innocent tongues, to their delight.

Pray with us, adore with us, all day Thursday, and all night Friday. Corpus Christi is the grateful summing up of all the graces and blessing and griefs too, of this year. I hope to see you next Sunday for the procession. This, these ceremonies and traditions, are our way to Him who is the Way. This is our life as Catholics, for He is our life. Get a little life in you yet. Come and give thanks for the truth of our holy Faith, for the true Mass and Sacraments. Bestir yourself. The Holy Ghost drives us to pray. Pray with us.

It’s the end of May. How quickly has it passed at Mary’s altar. It’s graduation time, as well. We congratulate our five home schooling graduates, whose Mass was offered yesterday on Ember Saturday. Graduation…one more step. But we never graduate from God the Holy Ghost. Confirmation, needless to say, is not graduation. But it is one more essential step in the life of our soul. Graduates leave the school they attend. The confirmed are even more attentive in putting themselves in the School of the Spirit. You get your diploma in Heaven. A lifetime would not be enough… How quickly it passes. Study, pray, worship on.

Friday is First Friday of June, a double Sacred Heart day. Make a Communion of Reparation. Adore the Blessed Sacrament. At the same time, the Spirit of Piety inclines us to remember our dear dead tomorrow, Memorial Day. Just prayers for them, for civilian as well as military victims of our many wicked wars, the terrible punishment for sin of which Our Lady warned us 101 years ago. Not really worth celebrating, but certainly always worth remembering. Do not forget.

Just now Caravaggio was crying that he had a nice bunny for me at the door. The cat came in, and the bunny hopped away. Don’t you wish human conflicts could end as happily? But not all rabbits escape. On my way to the Convento for another excellent Henry dinner last night, I saw Puccini perched contentedly in the tall grass, gnawing away at the haunch of a freshly slain, good sized hare. In my surprise I reproached the cat, who retired under an adjacent automobile to reflect, or maybe just digest his dinner. Later, after another killer meal, both the cat and the clergy were in excellent spirits.

Fr. Cekada worked with our school principal and teachers last week to prepare an excellent and entertaining Open House for parents. We offer, at great sacrifice, an excellent education and unsurpassed spiritual opportunities. Wouldn’t you want your child at St. Gertrude the Great?

Soon it will be time for Girls’ Camp and the Young Adult Get-Together, as well as the parish celebration of St. John’s Eve. But first, “Come, let us adore!” The Holy Ghost leads us to June. May His presence in your life be your blessing.

–Bp. Dolan