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Pentecost XXII

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
I am thanking Almighty God for a beautiful Fall so far. So many crisp clear days in cool sunshine that we don’t even mind the frosty nights. Truly this is the “best of the four” when it comes to seasons in Cincinnati. Thanks be to God.

Considering that it was a Saturday night and that Jack Frost attended as well, our candlelight final Fatima Rosary Procession did quite well, still drawing about 56 prayers, bearing our beads and the beautiful blue bobeches which shone like little tongues of fire in the night. This made me think of Pentecost and new beginnings and our Blessed Mother preparing the infant Church, for the grown up grace of the Holy Ghost. Thank you for your sacrifices in attending. God willing we will meet again in May.

Although they say the growing was not great this summer, our cloister garden finished the season beautifully. In any case, we’ve had a great year for improvements at St. Gertrude the Great, starting in Spring. All the shingles were replaced, roofs repaired, leaks at last fixed. Then the heating/air conditioning was seen to, and seems to be working well. A sigh of relief. One more to do, in Helfta Hall. The outdoor Stations were redone in striking black, and the Calvary scene cleaned and repainted. It shines gleaming white against the blue sky. Even the Lourdes grotto was repaired. Well, for awhile. The grounds were kept looking pretty good by the grass cutting company, and your own assistance here and there. I could use some Autumn cleanup help.

Our ever prudent steward, Fr. Cekada, managed to save enough overall (and it was a bundle) to have most of the parking lot resurfaced, and that in the nick of time. We hope to finish the job in the Spring. Special thanks to Paul Arlinghaus and Sam and Leo, who have moved from the role of acolyte to electrician, for repairing and upgrading the lights in the school classrooms and in Helfta Hall. The new light is cheaper and brighter.

Oh there’s always something else to do around so big and busy a church as St. Gertrude the Great, but now we take a break to give thanks to God who uses you, so many of you, to take good care of His church. So we pray with particular gratitude come Friday evening as we open our Christ the King Forty Hours Devotion. We’re also praying in adoration, and reparation and of course there’s petition, but plain old thanksgiving (much underrated) wins the day. Pray with us? Start the weekend with prayer, a little procession, and a nice warming bowl of chili.

Fr. Cekada had an excellent, if intense first week of teaching at Most Holy Trinity Seminary. He even found time to give one or two of his celebrated music classes to our future priests. Our own young Thomas Simpson is in charge of the seminary choir this year. Our own choir is sounding good as we hit our stride in the liturgical year. Busy for everybody isn’t it? Forty Hours is followed by All Saints/All Souls, and All Saints Sunday with the little ones. Then comes St. Gertrude’s Day, my own 25th anniversary celebration on November 30 (I hope you can come!) and then, well, Advent and Christmas. Be with us. Bring up your children this way.

I send a blessing home with you today. Remember your Rosary, your Family Rosary.
–Bp. Dolan