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Lent I


Please click this link to read Bp. Dolan’s 2019 Lenten Pastoral Newsletter:
Lenten Pastoral Newsletter

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Today is the Church’s solemn public “everybody come” opening of Lent. But many of you made it Wednesday, out of devotion, for ashes. The many Masses, devotions and ashes certainly gave everyone a chance to receive this precious sacramental, and thus start well this holy forty day fight against the world, the flesh and the devil. The extra Lenten devotions and Stations and Benedictions and recollections are here at church to help you. Come. But also read. Read a book. One good book for Lent. Read the little bits of daily devotional and the Sunday bulletin we send home with you.

But remember we also celebrate together, eat together, get to know each other, in Lent. So, come on Friday evening for all or part, and take part in our Lenten Supper, which is not so penitential after all. St. Patrick calls us next Sunday for a bit of the green in all our purple, in a homage to the Irish of yesteryear, who loved the Faith and suffered for it. But they suffered for love, which meant there was joy and wit and plenty of charm in old Ireland. Come to experience “a wee bit of it” next Sunday afternoon, following the 11:30. If you’re a High Mass person, pack a lunch if you’d like for after Catechism and stations, and make a day of it. But do come!

AD Kinnett came an unusual way to Mass last Sunday. He was needing a ride (his mother’s been poorly) and remembering his father’s heritage of bicycling, he hopped on his bike despite the snow, and rode to church in two hours flat. That’s the spirit!God reward such devotion, as our fathers in the Faith used to show.

But the snow last Sunday was a gentle affair all day long, and mostly melted demurely on the streets. We did have a normal Mass attendance. I am grateful. But we are still waiting for Spring. I know that our travelling padres, who have suffered so this Winter, would second this prayer for relief.

The weather did cooperate the other Saturday for our Altar Boy Day. The best ever, Fr. McGuire says. MC Richard VandeRyt had one entertaining and improving activity after another to keep our young knights of the altar well occupied as well as well fed, the “fun way.” Prizes galore, what’s not to like? We started the day with High Mass, and Father gave an excellent “altar boy” sermon, memorable and inspiring.

Well, it’s the turn for all of our St. Gertrude children come Wednesday. Parents, grandparents, make the arrangements, please. The children who miss are the ones who need it most. Surely once a year is not too much?

We turn to St. Joseph during his month for our families, our children, our church, our all. Visit his beautiful altar frequently this month, and light a candle, and leave a prayer for your own intentions.

Fr. Cekada flies to Florida tomorrow, and the McFathers return from the hinterlands for the week and especially the Children’s Recollection Day.

Have a good first full week of Lent. Feed your soul as you fast in body. Make an extra Mass and… (So much to choose from!)

Take a blessing home with you,
–Bp. Dolan