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Trinity Sunday

Sunrise on the Vigil of Pentecost

Our new Soldiers of Christ!

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Pentecost week was busy enough (the Holy Ghost never rests) but it seemed a quiet one for school is out, and we needed a rest. Pentecost Monday and Tuesday were duly observed. Some came to St. Anthony’s Feast. The changing weather, I think, discouraged others from the Thursday evening Rosary Procession. But it turned out to be a fine evening, albeit a bit windy. The headlines merited the sacrifice of turning out, though. The “winds of war” and all that. We’ll dry the St. Anthony lilies andmake them available.

Pentecost, vigil and feast, went very well, with so many children of God made, and soldiers of Christ consecrated from near and far. It was a delight to welcome guests, and new friends back again. The heavy rainy weather was against us, it is true. But the Divine Spirit warmed us, and cheered us down to the heart.

Thank you to everyone—Catholic and non-Catholic—who worked to restore and beautify the Lourdes grotto and pond for the season. Visit the grounds. Pause for a prayer. Our neighbors do. Parents, please keep an eye on the little ones, as Fr. Cekada requests. Maintenance, inside and out, is an immense work, and we are blessed with only a few part-time helpers, including the good sisters. Let’s all be helpers, by keeping an eye out and a ready hand to assist.

Our traditional last great feast of the Spring comes at its end this year: Corpus Christi. First Communion has already been given, but we return to give thanks next Sunday at our outdoor procession, and all week long, starting on Thursday. On Corpus Christi itself the priests adore during the day, chanting the Divine Office. Come and help them. Translations of the office will be provided. Solemn Mass is at 11:25, Closing Benediction at 3:15.

The Blessed Sacrament is exposed for Mass and adoration every day during the Octave. All Night Adoration, for both June and July is Friday evening, June 21. Oh, and don’t forget a pleasant St. John’s Evening, Picnic Potluck and barbecue on Monday, June 24.

Happy Father’s Day! May God the Father receive our homage this day and always, by His Son, and in the Holy Ghost. May the adorable Trinity bless, sustain and reward our fathers for the work they do each day.

Remember in your prayers next week’s ordinands. Rev. Mr. Luke Petrizzi will be ordained a deacon, and Rev. Mr. Caleb Sons a priest. May they be faithful fathers to orphaned children throughout the church.

Angela Segrist died last week, after so many faithful years as a true Catholic. Always quiet and unassuming, she used to attend our Sharonville church in the early days with her daughter, who once lived with the Sisters at Mt. St. Michael. These last years the Fathers, especially Fr. McGuire, took faithful care of her in turn, finding her when she was lost, bringing the sacraments when she was able to receive. Finally, they would still visit to say a prayer or give a blessing when her mind went. Monday night Fr. McGuire was called to her bedside to say the prayers for the dying in the fairly gruesome nursing home where she had been placed. Tuesday she died, and her cold and unfeeling family is having their mother—supreme disrespect!—buried from a Novus Ordo church with the false nonmass of Vatican II. Sad, so sad. Spare a prayer for her soul. We will offer a Requiem for her on Wednesday morning at 8.

May the Eternal Father bless us with an everlasting blessing.
–Bp. Dolan