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Pentecost VIII

Our four seminarians, visiting this summer from Most Holy Trinity Seminary, receive tonsure.

On July 13th, our numbers swelled by young adults in town for our annual young adult group event, over 100 marched and prayed a public rosary for peace.

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Between the YAG and “the wedding” last week we’ve had impressive Sunday attendance,the greatest in a long while. In fact, all of July, month of the Precious Blood, ran rich with graces of all sorts. Much was given to our own faithful. Much was shared with Catholics from all over. For vacation time, it was an unusually busy month. But how we sang and how we prayed. Unforgettable. Surely Heaven heard.

This “busyness” of late means “Martha souls” were on the scene, and I thank all of you who helped. But you also manage Mary’s “better part,” just in the nature of things, as devout Catholics. Doubly blessed are ye.

Our seminarians spent a busy week of their precious vacation time helping us with various projects. They will finish up this week. It’s been nice having them around, getting to know them, and catching up on news. Pretty much the same as when relatives visit, I suppose. Except we’ll be sad to see them leave! After all, they’re part of the family now as clerics.

Today’s feast of St. Dominic reminds us of the importance, and power, of the Rosary in daily life. When you’ve got problems, you’ve got a solution, right in your pocket. To cover for the Mass when you’re traveling, to inspire you to go to Mass when you’re home, there’s nothing like the Rosary.

Did you know that Tuesday’s feast, the Transfiguration, marks a great Rosary victory at Belgrade in Serbia, in 1456? The Mohammedans were conquered at noon, and this is the reason we still recite the Angelus each day at 12:00 PM. Your fidelity to these devotions strengthens your faith, passes it on to the family and helps protect us still today.

Fr. McKenna was back for a day Friday but is now on the Texas run. I am happy to be visiting our faithful in Milwaukee this weekend, and thank Frs. Cekada and Lehtoranta for their extra work.

Stay in Mary’s Immaculate Heart this month, nestled close to Jesus who is our all.
– Bishop Dolan