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Trinity Sunday

Blessing of the Baptismal Font:

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
I can’t help it. I must say, as I often do, that our Pentecost, both Vigil and Feast were “simply splendid.” But nothing too simple about it, to be sure, considering the smooth complex ceremonies, magnificent music, and beautifully flowered sanctuary, to welcome the Holy Ghost. Eleven years ago Fr. Ercoli was with us, and he said it was like Easter all over again. It is.

But beneath all the color and light and glorious sound, there is a kind of simplicity about these two vigils. The faithful, the confirmands, the children, sit for the most part in the quiet darkness of the unlit church, following or not the beautiful prophecies. But the sitting silently part is a beautiful, calming preparation which surely focuses the mind and heart on heavenly things, and takes us away for awhile from worldly distraction. So, simple yet splendid, and very spiritual.

How different was the revolution going on out of doors, all noise and tumult, violence and distraction, as our overlords played their next clever hand in the revolution roulette. But did you notice that suddenly, quietly the whole Covid charade was dropped? Not a mention. All was riots and racial strife, brutality and planted bricks and blood. Target stores were targeted, as were high end ones in fancy neighborhoods. Seems Corona germs don’t work in times of racial injustice.

Last weekend the new Pharisees of the New World Order were breathing threats through their ritual performance masks against those who contemplated the crime of going to church. The next day everybody was welcome to don their de rigueur masks for a frolic in the streets, complimentary bricks provided, and social distancing rules, along with the Ten Commandments, suspended. Covid has gone the way of the Commandments, I guess. All gone.

Meanwhile our masters pursue behind closed doors, inexorably and come what may, the execution of their plan. Perhaps the next step is, improbably, the further militarization of the police and the imposition of a kind of permanent martial law. I do not know, but do know we are witnessing a revolution these days, and the loss of precious liberties.

Meanwhile, closer to home, we’ve lost Newcat. The 11:30 children will surely miss him, and he them. Anny had the nice idea to have him seen to, as he was suffering from mites, poor little fellow. Well, it turns out Carissimo (his Christian name) has Feline HIV, and needs to be kept away from other cats. But how providential is the care of God for His little ones. Someone at the vet fell in love with him and offered Rudy (new name, somewhat of a come down) a nice home.

Puccini will now breathe easier. One less territorial invader. Vivaldi innocently and shyly hangs back, looking only for a meal but finding no mercy from Puccini. Of course Vivaldi in his position would also thus defend his territorial integrity. Cats! How human they are.

Won’t you help defend our country and church and way of life these days by caring enough to come to church to say a prayer? Corpus Christi, Adoration, powerful prayer…. Or join us in West Chester for a public demonstration, but no bricks, please. No panic or violence. Just simple prayer in the daylight on St. Anthony’s 13th, 9:30 AM.

What would you do if you lived through a Revolution?

Make Christ the King, and Mary Queen!

–Bp. Dolan