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Advent I

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✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Thanksgiving was a classic November day, dawning dripping and dark, and finally settling down to overcast. But the church was bright, with colorful pumpkins and fall flowers having their final fling. The three morning Masses were well attended, with many Communions. Our daily Thanksgiving! Thanks be to God.

But “the coming of our God our hearts must now prepare,” as it is Advent. This week is crucial to make it work, before things get too crazy for Christmas. And how much we all need some selfdenial. Not only in food and drink, but in noise and news, distractions and dissipations which are too often depressing. Turn things off for awhile, and turn towards prayer, to God. It’s Advent.

Oh, and don’t forget, please: First Friday and All Night Adoration, the candlelight Rorate Masses, and good St. Nicholas next Sunday. It’s Advent.

God bless you!
–Bp. Dolan