Easter IV

The Strife is O’er
Entrance Processional, Easter 2021

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
How quickly things change, and yet remain the same. In ten days we’ve gone from green, Irish green grass and glorious spring days to winter’s white snow, heavy on the bough, and somehow now, by God’s Providence, back where we’re meant to be. Friday morning was all “sweet May”, setting the scene for “the rarest of seasons.”

Janet and her helpers have set up a beautiful and most elegant May Altar. Feel free to bring garden flowers, part of the charm of the May Altar. One of our old-timers used to do this faithfully, but she’s one of the “Covid casualties,” who stopped coming ever since she caught it from her TV.

Our intrepid and so devoted sacristan dropped her keys, unawares, in the parking lot the day before St. Zita, patroness of…lost keys. Angels would sometimes deliver things the Saint lost. Well, before Janet missed her keys, there was a poor man, a little scruffy looking, knocking insistently on the church door. She opened, and he was holding her keys, and asked to make a visit. He did and left, never seen before or since. The Apostle writes about “entertaining angels unawares.” St. Zita!

Helfta Hall, our whole “parish plant” actually, certainly comes in handy, now since the Scamdemic and sponsoring Revolution have shooed so many souls our way. The last wedding reception was such a pleasant, and convenient affair, all maskless and happy, as though nothing at all were afoot out in the world.

Actually, many “mainstream conservative sites” and even national governments are now publishing some of the truth about the Plandemic, the fauxtesting, and even more. This is indeed a time of encouragement, and regrouping of forces. Please spread the word, and continue to pray. St. Ignatius would say, “as if everything depended on God.” It does.

Speaking of prayer, it’s May, the very month of Mary. Under her tutelage we process, and chant litanies, pray Rosaries and sing the dear old hymns, led by the little ones. Be with us? It’s a lot, but if you all do something “extra,” it will all be well done. Believe me, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” is what we all want to hear at our last day.

So, tomorrow, there’s the Holy Cross, and in the afternoon the ten-minute May Devotion begins. Nobody should “wait it out” outside, but all should come in to the Blessed Mother’s altar. First Friday there’s All Night Adoration. Sunday next is May Crowning at 10:30 AM. The following evening at 5:30 PM we begin the Rogation Days with their procession, very much like last Sunday’s Greater Litanies. Ascension Thursday, May 13, is the Holy Day, of course, but also the first of our Fatima Rosary Processions for Peace at 7:15 PM. A busy fortnight, I’ll grant you, but “good busy,” as we used to say. “Did you not know I must be about my Father’s business?” What an investment! You are sure to make a profit!

School is winding down in a flurry of activity here as everywhere else. On Friday morning we paused for the now traditional April performance of “Attila the Hun.” Pope St. Leo was edifyingly meek, while Attila was perfectly typecast. Delightful.

Have a May Altar at home, and say your family Rosary there. Keep up the prayers. It looks like they may have “flattened the curve” of lying propaganda.

God bless and Mary keep you these beautiful days of May!
– Bishop Dolan