Pentecost IV

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Happy Fathers Day. Since fathers, like the rest of us folks, are an endangered species anymore, it behooves us to celebrate it properly. Of course today is one of those peculiarly American holidays, celebrated more at a cookout than in church, with Dad as the chef. Our prayers go to our fathers today, essential and disappearing element in the composition of the perfect society at the root of all others, the family.

But if our church celebration is rather Joseph-like, low-key and mostly quiet, it is perhaps just as well, for three of the last four weekends have been big and beautiful affairs, our cherished traditions: Pentecost and Confirmation, Corpus Christi with First Communion and Procession, and then the High Mass and lovely reception for Graduation. I imagine we’re all ready for a quiet Sunday. I say “quiet” but our version of quiet is like Easter Sunday, one visiting Sister once told me.

But not too quiet, because the singing continues. Thanks to the 9 o’clock congregation for serving as the choir each Summer, and to the men’s Schola for nonstop singing. Did you know singing is actually good for overall health, and especially the heart? No wonder more than one wicked overseer tried to ban it as part of the Covid protocol.

The Girls Camp, tucked between Sundays, was anything but quiet. Still, they cut down considerably on the little girl screaming sounds we used to get years ago. This and other wonders were worked by “The Committee,” the young ladies, most of them recent homeschool high school graduates, who organized the camp this year, and very well indeed. Former campers themselves, they had a bird’s-eye view of how it works, and they made it work smoothly. As usual, camp is a nice combination of prayer, instruction, crafts and play. Many girls also enjoyed camping overnight on the church grounds. There were some deer sightings, but no coyotes, which is a definite mood enhancer.

Some of the governing girls did double duty (a good preparation for a future marriage vocation) also installing the vinyl lettering for our now freshened church sign. Many thanks to “M & M Inc.”

What lovely June weather we’ve been having for…June! Just about perfect, and you know how rare perfection is. It was the same sweet weather which rewarded about 75 faithful who prayed and processed
with us, Rosary in hand, last Sunday evening. Even a gentle breeze. May Heaven hear, draw near and spare.

The big event this week is our St. John’s Eve celebration on Wednesday with Mass and Blessing of the Bonfire and a fine cloister picnic supper in between. Bring something to share, and bring yourself.

God bless our Fathers!
– Bishop Dolan