Advent III – Gaudete Sunday

Going Jab for Jab
A Defense for Rejecting the Covid-19 Injections
By Rev. Stephen McKenna

By Rev. Vili Lehtoranta

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
The “international look” is always in style for a Catholic. The Church founded by Christ is always Catholic, “worldwide, universal, according to the whole,” even as the Church is ever Apostolic, without our having to do anything about it.

Today twelve young ladies of Fr. Lehtoranta’s Sodality of Charity are honoring St. Lucy in the procession before the High Mass. The Lucia Maiden (this year Natalia Kolenich) wears a crown of light, symbolizing the coming of Christ, the Light of the World, at Christmas. They process up the main aisle, towards the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who brought Christ’s light to dark pagan Mexico. They need it today. So does Scandinavia, and the United States.

Our Finnish Fr. Lehtoranta has written well, explaining Catholic teaching in the face of modern errors. St. Nicholas Day was Finnish Independence Day, from Russia. Our Ukrainian Fr. Valerii Kudriavtsev has also written well in his blog, His country is again under threat of Russian invasion. But we rejoice to be associated with these fine priests from faraway lands, all lighting the way to Christ this Advent. We rejoice as well to work with priests from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and the Philippines. Oh, and don’t forget the Father from Massachusetts, that faraway leftist state. He keeps an eye on the death jab for us, and asserts correct Catholic moral teaching.

Much to rejoice about. The light of Christ draws near. Our preparations hasten His way. Join us for an hour or two if you can this Saturday as we decorate our church for Christmas, one of our many “special traditions” at St. Gertrude the Great.

Fr. McGuire has been here this week, and is making sure all of our sick are visited. Ralph Otis, one of our great and loyal parishioners from 5:45, has been sick for several months with cancer, and is slowly declining. Please pray for him, all of our sick and troubled folk, and the inevitable special intentions.

Wednesday’s weather was picture perfect for the Immaculate Conception of God’s perfect creature, the Blessed Virgin. Snow met us on arising. It fell during the night to “surplice the city in white,” as the Poet says. But by noon the warming rays of the sun banished the chill, melted the snow, and bathed us in its cheering rays.

It was a beautiful Holy Day. The Masses were all well attended, especially the Solemn High and the evening. At the High Mass, the sun caught sight of the sacred minister’s gold and blue for her who is “beautiful as the sun,” and danced on the vestment. The babies were there in record numbers, but mostly grumpy, I think, and wondering what they were doing back in church on a Wednesday morning. Remember to take a pew near the exit in case of major crying. The last classroom on the right is available in case the children need a “safe space” for venting. We all do at times.

Ember Days this week and candlelight early morning Masses. Make Advent count. Rejoice, He comes!

– Bishop Dolan