Epiphany II

Singing Matins before Midnight Mass

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Today we complete Epiphany’s Three Manifestations, or showing miracles, at the Wedding Feast, outside the Great Octave but anticipated by a day for our happy couple, at yesterday’s nuptials. Each Catholic marriage is meant to be a manifestation of the miracle of God’s love for lowly man. As we pray in the Offertory, it is shown “in marvelously creating us, and still more marvelously redeeming us.” The Church is the wedding feast both and bride, Christ the Bridegroom, and you’re invited. Just observe the dress code of grace and you’re good. Great wine on offer. Drink up. Don’t even look at the price list. Order freely, drink deep. You have no idea, believe me!

There’s often “something going around,” and I seem to have at last picked up a touch of the flu, from which I’m recovering. The wait at the advertised AccuCare Clinic was beyond gruesome, but I’m glad I went. Providential was it, as was the long-delayed coming of the much ballyhooed flu into our midst, two years after the ceremonies of servitude, lockdowns and masks were imposed, and a free brainwash at no extra charge. We’ve been able to figure out a lot of this thing. Media power harnessed by governmental malevolence…what’s not to like? Sometimes one has to stop and just admire the brilliance, the patient technique of the bad guys. To destroy, to attempt to alter created human nature one must first study it, then slowly proceed by stages. First, independent thought must go. Follow the rulebook, and do what you’re told. But forgive the teachers who will not teach, and pray for them.

But pray also for the poor souls enslaved, body or soul or both, in the Medical Industry. So many must have gone in with the highest of motives. Some are even considered as gods, or angels of mercy. But today the hospital is a charnel house, many blessed are those who get out alive. The staff must be stressed, exhausted. Funny how the rulebook was not written to cover medicine as population control.

But on to normal stuff. Phones were out over Christmas, and I apologize for that. The old system, donated by a kind neighbor, just died. We intend to get an evil “track you everywhere” really smart phone just for emergencies, publish the number, and track it…for a change.

Thanks so much for the many gifts, greetings, cards, food and refreshments with which you showered on us this happy Christmastide. You’re all busy yourselves, and we’re every year touched that you would take out time and make more work just for the likes of us. Our grateful prayers become multiplied unto infinity when placed in the Chalice of Salvation.

Finally, an appreciation of the Crèche. Many contributed, as people will, but our young artistes conceived and executed a very creative one. The broken pillar may have been inevitable in the hustle of Christmas decorating, but its inclusion (look for it) was brilliant, not mere whimsy. Pillars symbolize the Paganism of the world at the Nativity, broken ones the triumph of the Cross, of Christianity. This Christmas we’re realizing we live in a post Christian country. Gulp. The Crèche of this Christmas points us on our way. Work to be done. And it’s okay if you break a few pillars!

Keep up the Christmas tree, or at least the spirit as may be, faithfully until Candlemas. It is its own blessing, which I wish for you.

–Bp. Dolan