Epiphany V

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Candlemas was the highlight of the week, a splendid glorious closing to the forty happy days of Christmas, as well as a first glance towards Lent and Holy Week. Already next Sunday is the Seventieth, that is until Easter, Septuagesima. Already on Saturday we bid a quiet farewell to the Alleluia, which will return with some ceremony on Holy Saturday. In the meantime, start giving some thought to Lenten planning, even though the holy season of penance is almost a month away.

No dire predictions of ice and snow kept the faithful away from Candlemas. One of the blessings—there are actually several—of the Plandemic of Covid Communismis the almost palpable increase in fervor, the increased warmth of devotion, among our faithful. You came for the long but beautiful Mass, and many of you stayed to supper. There were no leftovers, always a good sign! But everyone left with a fine taste of homemade soup, and the warmth of Catholic conviviality as well.

We needed the warmth, because the ice and snow were on the way. But every day the priest after Mass calls upon these creatures of God to bless the Lord. They too, like even the Scamdemic in some sense, are thanksworthy in Christ Jesus. Our Lord probably figured we just needed some time to rest after Christmas, and to recuperate from Winter colds and flu and maybe worse. The crunchy Winter white was certainly beautiful, and didn’t give most of us any excuse to be out. A Winter break is always welcome.

I regret that we missed the All Night Adoration, and do hope we hand enough hands for the big task of packing away Christmas for another year. Our devoted sacristan is still under the weather, and I emerge like the groundhog from time to time, only to return to my hibernation. But we sick are so grateful, touched and grateful, for your good wishes and prayers and help. One of these days, it will all be past.

We are all watching in wonder and admiration at the brave Canadian truckers who lead the continent in saying NO! to the NOW, the New World Order. We wonder how it will end, and remember that they, we, are fighting for our very lives. Give these good men your support, and the support of your prayers. Stay informed about the issues, and resolute with your Rosaries.

It seems that Bergoglio has finally gone too far for the R&R folk. I think the combination of one plain simple declarative sentence of heresy (and on Candlemas!), the profound public pushing for perversion from the material hierarchy, and the suppression of the Latin Mass, has at last provoked a reaction. One big internet trad leader contacted Fr. McKenna, with the question, “don’t we deny Communion?” No, we don’t. Wrong church, wrong pew. Perhaps others do. We just follow Divine and Canon Law. May one more obstacle be cleared up for the return of these poor homeless Catholics.

It is a pleasure each year to bless throats. We send you home today with a freshly blessed one. Use it well!

– Bishop Dolan