Lent II

What a fine spring day we had for the solemn, public opening of Ver Sacrum, Holy Lent, last Sunday. It was a busy one, with Short Stations and a Baptism for Dan and Michelle’s first baby, Xavier. There was much church business to be seen to and a second first to be listened to, Rev. Mr. Thomas J. Ojeka’s fine first sermon. A few souls even swelled our afternoon Vespers attendance.

For an advertised “quiet week,” there’s quite a bit to report. At the top of the news is Fr. Valerii’s letter. He managed to get out from behind Russian lines, and is now temporarily housed in a hospital in Lviv, Ukraine. Read the letter, and keep him in your prayers. Maybe someone who has no priest or Mass would receive him, and many blessings with him, a priest of God in exile.

We started the week with a Solemn Mass for the “Angel of the Schools,” St. Thomas Aquinas. Intent, even intense study is the order of the day, not only in our great little school (check it out!) but also for our deacons, who passed their first Mass Rubrics test for Fr. McGuire.

The needs of our new priests are many, and God bless you who are intensely preparing a great Seminarian Sunday. The enthusiasm is building. Your generosity is great. How Almighty God has blessed us.

Rev. Mr. Thomas Simpson shows promise as a creative cook and menu planner. For those occasions when the Cucina Clerical (check it out!) schedule is bare, we do not go hungry. Talented part-time chef Fr. McKenna treated us to perfectly cooked scallops and shrimp over wild rice with Brussels Sprouts and asparagus Thursday night. Doesn’t that sound good? After a week of beans, it tasted good, too!

Someone asked if the cats were doing Lent, too. Although Nineve’s animals did penance at the preaching of Jonah, this bishop’s cats are dedicated carnivores, like most people. Giacomo, a big and lovable tabby, has a little routine worked out when he needs (yet another!) meal. He meows, as if to say, “Hey, hey!” and sometimes taps me twice on the leg, with a look of great enthusiasm. Cavaradossi is a sweet cat, mostly given to play, and is grateful when his bigger friend allows him to finish his meal in peace. Giacomo joined me for outdoor Stations Thursday, only he was
after a mouse, it turns out. But I remember that St. Joseph is depicted making a mouse trap, which represents our redemption through the wood of the cross.

Ralph Otis died Tuesday after a long decline with cancer. We settled the funeral for Thursday, but the children (as they do, increasingly nowadays) had other ideas. It was cancelled, but we decided to go ahead with the in absentia funeral for the originally planned day. Sorry for the confusion. He was a fine man, Ralph, “Bo” was; an original. He and his bright colored shoes will be missed.

Did you remember to “spring forward” this morning, and spring out of bed? Increasingly I find it difficult to adjust to these time changes. A bit more penance for a bit, but it does prolong the dawn, and the sweet morning hour of prayer.

Oh, just be aware that we have entered into the next stage of the Great Reset, now that Covid has done its work by means of the jab on your genes and fear in your head. Increasingly we have been pushed to internet and credit card purchases rather than cash. Now, those whom our masters so designate (Canadian truckers, innocent Russians) are cut off from the above. Neat trick. One day, Scripture says, no one will be able to “buy and sell” without the Mark of the Beast.

But you bear the mark, the character of Confirmation, final brigade of the Soldiers of Christ. Fight on!

– Bishop Dolan