Lent VI – Palm Sunday

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✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Curious Spring. Glorious days are few; it’s mostly cloudy and cold, wet. You’d only know the season by the beautiful flowers, the false pear trees all in white. The chill seems to suit them, and they’re sticking around. It feels like a long Spring this year, a blessedly long Lent, too, with two First Fridays and three All Night Adorations. This is a first for us, and a sure source of countless blessings. One of these days Summer will burn its way into Spring, and it will be over. We cannot say, though, that it went quickly, much less “Where did it go?”

But if it seems too quickly done, this annual retreat, Springtime for the soul, you’re good still. That is, there’s still time to be good, to make good for eternity. Make use of this holiest of times, make (yes, you!) this week to be holy.Haunt the church, follow services, see what you can do for others for love of God. Be a bit of a Magdalene soul, too, not just all Martha busyness. Sit at His feet. Rest your soul and refresh Our Lord, Who yearns for you.

The deacons are learning with Fr. McGuire how to say Mass, and are at the practicing stage. Four more priests, four more Masses come May! Thank you again for so much work, so many sacrifices, for our ordinands. Be sure to attend this historic event in the history of our church, and for Holy Mother Church.

Our Massachusetts missioner, Fr. McKenna, has quite the fortnight planned. He will conduct Holy Week at St. Hugh, relieving Fr. Lehtoranta who has done this happy duty for a number of years. Easter Week Fr. McKenna will visit all of his missions, north and south, to bring them true Easter, Holy Mass. He will return here for Monday, the 24th, Greater Litanies. Then we will all be concentrating on Ordination rehearsals.

At St. Gertrude the Great we are looking forward to a particularly glorious Holy Week, with a bishop, two priests and four deacons, and with all of you, servers and Schola and choir and congregation. We are privileged this year as well to bless the Holy Oils. The only thing missing would be you, but I’m sure you’ll be here. Our Holy Week will be holy, our Easter perfect!

This is my prayer and my wish for us all this Palm Sunday.
– Bishop Dolan