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Sermons Archives

He Died for Her —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Immaculate Conception

Sing Your Way to Heaven —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Advent I

Pray, Pray the Right Way —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Last Sunday After Pentecost

Our Father III —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Pentecost XXIII

Forever —Fr. Charles McGuire

Pentecost XXII

Our Father – Two Sermons —Bp. Daniel Dolan

All Saints & Pentecost XXI

¡Dios No Muere! —Fr. Stephen McKenna

Christ the King

Wedding Garment? ✔ —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Pentecost XIX

Love of God to Sinners —Fr. Vili Lehtoranta

Pentecost XVIII

The Rosary —Fr. Caleb Sons

Rosary Sunday

Angels and Altars —Bp. Daniel Dolan

St. Michael

Sadness —Fr. Anthony Cekada

Pentecost XV

Never Forgotten —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Seven Sorrows of Our Lady

Creation and the Mass —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Nativity of Our Lady

Extreme Unction —Fr. Stephen McKenna

Fr. McKenna

The call of Social Media vs. The Call of God —Fr. Charles McGuire

Pentecost XI

Remember – Go Up to the Temple —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Pentecost X

Every Last Drop —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Pentecost IX

Number Games —Fr. Vili Lehtoranta

Pentecost VIII

Lose Your Head, Gain a Crown —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Pentecost VI

Florida’s First Martyr —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Pentecost V

A History of Blood —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Solemnity of the Most Precious Blood

Sinners and Saints at Mass —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Pentecost III

Melchizedek and the Sacrifice —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Solemnity of Corpus Christi

What Can You Say? KYRIE —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Trinity Sunday

Remedy for the Modern Tower of Babel —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Pentecost Sunday