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Sermons Archives

It All Hangs Together —Fr. Anthony Cekada

Pentecost XXIV

A Pleasing Place —Bp. Daniel Dolan

St. Gertrude the Great

Do an Experiment —Bp. Daniel Dolan

St. Albert the Great

St. Stanislaus Kostka —Fr. Vili Lehtoranta

St. Stanislaus Kostka

The Catholic Funeral —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Pentecost XXIII

A Surprising Saint —Bp. Daniel Dolan

St. Martin of Tours

A Friend of Saints —Bp. Daniel Dolan

St. Andrew Avellino

Our Lord and Savior Lives in a Church —Fr. Vili Lehtoranta

Dedication of St. Savior’s Basilica

Seven and One and All Saints —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Octave of All Saints

Requiem for a Friend —Fr. Vili Lehtoranta

Within the Octave of All Saints

Our Lady Queen of the Patriarchs —Fr. Vili Lehtoranta

Within the Octave of All Saints

It’s All About the Money —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Pentecost XXII

Blessed Martin de Porres, Sacred Heart Saint —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Within the Octave of All Saints

How We Can Help the Poor Souls —Fr. Vili Lehtoranta

All Souls Day

St. Cyprian, The Halloween Saint —Fr. Vili Lehtoranta

Vigil of All Saints

The Unforgiving Servant —Fr. Vili Lehtoranta

Resumed Mass of Sunday

First the Thorns, Then the Glory —Fr. Charles McGuire

Christ the King

The Zealous One and the Brave One —Fr. Vili Lehtoranta

Vigil of Ss. Simon & Jude

Consecrate It! —Bp. Daniel Dolan

St. Evaristus

We Can Trust Jesus —Fr. Vili Lehtoranta

Ferial Day

See Signs, Want Wonders —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Pentecost XX

Peace Be To You —Fr. Vili Lehtoranta

40 Hours Devotion

The Mass Makes the Man —Fr. Stephen McKenna

Opening of 40 Hours Devotion

St. Peter of Alcantara and Custody of the Eyes —Fr. Vili Lehtoranta

St. Peter of Alcantara

St. Luke and the Love of God through Art —Fr. Stephen McKenna

St. Luke

God Works Very Slowly….. —Bp. Daniel Dolan

St. Margaret