• Saturday mornings by appointment.
  • One parent and one sponsor must be practicing Catholics who attend only the traditional Latin Mass.
  • Churching of New Mothers follows the baptismal ceremony.


  • Solemnly administered each year in May and October.
  • Privately administered by request.
  • Catholics who received confirmation in the post Vatican II rite (1971) should arrange to receive confirmation conditionally in the traditional rite.

First Holy Communion

  • Administered each year on the Sunday after Corpus Christi and the Feast of Christ the King.
  • Children should make their First Holy Communion when they have reached the age of reason (usually between five and eight years old), and know the rudiments of the faith (the First Communion Catechism).
  • According to canon law, children should receive Confirmation before First Holy Communion if possible.

Communion for the Sick

  • Please phone the church office.
  • Let us know if a church member is sick or hospitalized.

Mass Intentions

  • Forms for individual intentions and for Purgatorian Society enrollments are available in the vestibule and in the bookstore.
  • These may be handed in at the office or placed in the collection.


  • Fridays, Saturdays and as announced in the church bulletin.

Children’s Confessions

  • Second Sunday of the month at 10:35 AM.

Sunday Confessions

  • Fourth Sunday of the month (or as announced) for those unable to come at the regular times.

Extreme Unction

  • Let us know if a church member is gravely ill or in danger of death. Do not put off making arrangements until the last moment. Your priests must often travel a long distance to administer this sacrament.


  • If you are contemplating marriage, please make an appointment to speak with a priest before you set a date.
  • At least one of the parties must be a practicing traditional Catholic and member of this parish.
  • To preserve the dignity of the ceremony and to avoid the spirit of worldly display, we limit the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  • Weddings are forbidden during Advent and Lent.