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Within the Octave of the Ascension

Also listen to Bp. Dolan on the feast of the Ascension: “A Cricket’s Sermon”

Mon 5/25/09 Memorial Day, St. Gregory VII, St. Urban I
8:25 AM Rosary for the Faithful Departed
May Devotions
9:00 AM Low Mass For all of our beloved dead, deceased veterans and
all who have died in our wars. Pentecost Novena

Tues 5/26/09 St. Philip Neri, C St. Eleutherius, PM
11:25 AM High Mass †Charles and Elinor Richardson
(Mr. & Mrs. Mark Lotarski & Family) Pentecost Novena
3:10 PM May Devotions
5:00 PM Low Mass Poor Souls (GPK)

Wed 5/27/09 St. Bede the Venerable, CD St. John I, PM
11:25 AM High Mass My Parents 20th Anniversary (Lauren Ribar)
Pentecost Novena
3:10 PM May Devotions
5:00 PM Low Mass Catherine Allemeier (Aimee Wnek)

Thur 5/28/09 Octave Day of the Ascension,
St. Augustine of Canterbury, C
9:00 AM Opening of Confirmands Day of Recollection
11:25 AM High Mass Bishop Dolan (Tom Simpson)
Pentecost Novena
2:45 PM May Devotions and Benediction
7:00 PM Compline

Fri 5/29/09 St. Mary Magdalen De Pazzi, V
11:00 AM Confessions
11:25 AM High Mass Happy Birthday Mom! (Jacinta Simpson)
Benediction with Pentecost Novena and
Sacred Heart Novena
3:10 PM May Devotions
N.B. No evening services

Sat 5/30/09 Vigil of Pentecost
7:45 AM Closing of Pentecost Novena, May Devotions
8:00 AM Pentecost Vigil
9:30 AM Pontifical High Mass In Honor of the Holy Ghost
(Approximate time) for Our Confirmands Confirmations follow Mass

Sun 5/31/09 Pentecost Sunday
7:30 AM Low Mass Ruth & Bob Brockman
(Rob & June Brockman)
9:00 AM Veni Creator and High Mass Tim and Eileen Duff 25th Anniversary
10:30 AM Jog-at-thon Reawards and Cake
11:30 AM Low Mass Kirby & Jean Bischel Intentions
(H.O. and Becky Hinton)
1:10 PM Early Vespers, May Devotions, Benediction
5:45 PM Low Mass For the People of St. Gertrude
The Little Doctor of the Sick, the Child Jesus, must be busy with our May prayers these days. Fr. Ramolla has a cast after fairly involved surgery for his arm and some are just getting over a round of viruses or virulent allergies. Please pray for a good recovery for Fr.
Ramolla, and all of our sick and shut in, including Bill Tamagni and Ann McMahon. Father McGuire visited our sick last week, and I know they would appreciate your prayers. May Dr. Jesus visit them all!
These are busy days for us here at church with many prayers and services, and poor Father Ramolla sidelined by his surgery. Still, these are the beautiful days of May, Our Lady’s month, and may we await in confidence the coming of the Holy Ghost, even as we pray for those who have been confirmed, or will be this Saturday. He, the Comforter, will supply for all of our needs, if only we ask Him.
Thanks to our dear school students for keeping up the beautiful May Devotions, as well as for the Lesser Litanies and, of course, their beautifully sung daily Mass. Catholics throughout the week are edified and inspired by these services. Come some time and hear for yourself.
Thanks, too, to the “little flock” the handful who joined us for the “Parish Rogations” last Tuesday. It was pitiful in a way, but not without its sweet charm and quiet beauty. God reward our regulars.
Remember Memorial Day tomorrow is more than a cook out holiday.
Share your day off with the suffering souls in Purgatory, and then, after Mass, relax a little.
Many, many thanks to all of you who have been helping so faithfully these happy weeks in Eastertide.
May Our Lady Help of Christians be you help!
-Bishop Dolan