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The Holy Family

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zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

I’m writing to you on Epiphany afternoon, as we prepare for the last and the greatest of our Christmas celebrations, and a well deserved dinner for all of our generous and good workers, volunteers, and faithful. May God reward them, and you, with every grace for a peaceful and holy new year.

Among our guests this Christmas was Fr. Gabriel Lavery CMRI, who was in town to visit family, and kindly visited us, too. It’s always a pleasure to greet another priest, especially at this happy season.

It is now a very snowy and school-less Epiphany Octave afternoon, and I reflect with gratitude on the beautiful, quiet coming of the Kings last night, and the wonderful Appreciation Dinner, warm and joyful, in Helfta Hall. Thank you to all who “worked the feast,” clergy and lay, and to all who work for all of the feasts, and Masses and classes at our church and school.

Our guests, Fr. Ercoli and Mr. Lehtoranta, have flown back to Florida, and Fr. Cekada joins them for a few days as he resumes his “traveling professor” role at our seminary. Fr. McGuire will be with us during most weeks now, helping in the school and our missions and sick calls. Fr. Larrabee had a nice Christmas assisting Fr. Zapp in California, and is here again for the school and parish of St. Gertrude the Great. God reward our zealous young priests, and grant them perseverance.

Our January cold struck earlier this year, and things certainly are looking “Christmassy” for its continuation this month. As usual, we pray for good weather for Sunday Mass, and safe travels for all.

May this Epiphanytide be an epiphany to us all of the goodness of God, answered prayers, joy in the heart and happiness in our homes.

Happy Holy Family Day! Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph, (may they be, as Gerry Keaveney used to say, your best friends!)
–Bishop Dolan