Easter IV

From the Pastor’s Desk
Okay, first things first…cat news! It seems I would really be shirking my duty if I didn’t give you periodic updates on the cats. I can’t remember their names, so I just refer to them as “fat cat” and “black cat.” As with all felines they seem to have adapted to their new way of life at the rectory. Oh, believe me, they get plenty to eat and plenty of attention. They wouldn’t tolerate it any other way. Actually, they’re pretty fun little critters and like to play around a lot. Black cat likes to take me on little hunting expeditions outside—for him everything’s a game. Fat cat, who’s usually more serious, has also become much more playful… They aren’t sure what to think about all the new priests visiting the rectory these days, so they retreat into another room until all is clear.

What a wonderfully grace-filled day we had this past Wednesday as our four deacons were ordained priests forever! Fathers Thielen, Ercoli, Ahern, and Lavery came back to see the ordination. The ceremonies were run smoothly by all of our MCs, the choir and schola sang beautifully. Joe Bayer and Fr. Brueggemann installed a camera high up in one of the sanctuary windows to film the ordinations from a different angle. Most importantly, we now have four new priests who will help in the missions, absolve you from sin and offer the Sacrifice of Propitiation on altars here and abroad. Deo gratias! We have but one more big ceremony before Bishop da Silva departs. He has been quite busy since he arrived to do Bishop Dolan’s funeral Mass. This last ceremony is the episcopal consecration which will take place on Wednesday morning.

Fr. Lehtoranta took the high schoolers on a trip to Pennsylvania, leaving last Thursday after the priests’ first Masses and a school day. Father wasn’t here for the Rosary Procession; instead he did a procession with the high schoolers and parents in Pennsylvania. Now that’s how to use the imagination!

In any case, stay close to Our Lady—especially in this month of May. She’s the surest way to the Sacred Heart. Always ask, “Mother, what am I to do?”

– Fr. McGuire