Pentecost V

Note from the Bishop
Our very busy but prayerful First Friday and Saturday weekend was followed by a peacefully restful Fourth of July. Two of the younger Fathers had just returned from the missions: Fr. Okerulu from Milwaukee and Fr. Brueggemann from the Illinois missions. Good Fr. Thielen joined us for the delicious barbecue which Fr. McKenna put on for us. The cats had their own party planned and did not attend the barbecue. I guess they celebrate Independence Day in their own independent way—but that is just how cats are!

I am in Milwaukee again, this time for their yearly Confirmations. The trips to Milwaukee are always jam-packed as there is so much to do in such a small space of time. Add to this the fact that we are making the transition from one pastor to another (Fr. McKenna is now pastor of St. Hugh’s), and two of the parishioners who fulfill major roles in the chapel are moving out of state. So many changes in the missions, in the Milwaukee chapel and here at St. Gertrude’s—all at once! Many people coming and going. It’s a lot of work and requires much organization and steady help from many generous parishioners. Change is oftentimes very difficult, but I do see the Hand of our Heavenly Father behind the scenes, so sweetly ordering all for us. Thanks be to God.

Here at SGG, many young Catholics have arrived for the annual YAG. The YAG weekend is one of the most encouraging of the year. What a joy it is to see the enthusiasm of the upcoming generation of true Catholics!

Don’t forget this Wednesday’s Fatima Rosary Procession. Thanks to the power of the Rosary and the omnipotence of Our Lord, we had a big victory in Roe vs. Wade. It’s no coincidence that it happened on the Feast of the Sacred Heart and the day on which is usually celebrated the feast of the Visitation, which commemorates also the joyful leaping of St. John the Baptist in the womb of his mother—a true Scriptural proof of human life before birth. I believe this is God’s way of showing us that, while the enemies of Christ and the Church have had many victories lately, He is still in charge. So let “Pride Month” give way to the meek and humble Heart of Jesus, Who once said, “I will reign in spite of My enemies!” But it wasn’t a complete victory; we have much more praying and sacrificing to do and many more battles to wage against the forces of Anti-Christ. Take the opportunity this Wednesday to come to Mass and the procession, for this is how the victory will be won!

There is much more good news to share with you, but I must close this letter. I promise to keep you posted. The missions continue to grow!

In Christ,
Bishop McGuire