Pentecost IX

Note from the Bishop
Summer is certainly the time to get away, isn’t it? Even the cats now like to spend the night outside. Somehow the fat cat got himself cut pretty badly. Miss Mikesell is arranging to take him to see the kitty doctor soon.

I’m glad that most of the priests either have taken some time to get away or are planning to in the near future. Fr. Simpson just got back from a short vacation; Fr. McKenna is off somewhere in Europe; Fr. Lehtoranta has scheduled a few days away. Now, if only I could get Fr. Brueggemann to take a break, our hard-working priests will have all had at least a short time to relax a little bit before winding up for Fall.

Speaking of going away, our Fr. Ojeka will be returning to Nigeria on August 16th. This bit of news is bittersweet. On the one hand, we have really grown fond of both Fr. Okerulu and Fr. Ojeka and will miss them very much. On the other hand, the Faithful in Nigeria need their priestly services; and, of course they will help to relieve the overloaded Fr. Nkamuke who is constantly on the move. It is Divine Providence that arranges all mightily yet sweetly, and all for our good—so I am happy to send them back for the sake of the souls in Africa!

Our teachers are getting things ready for the beginning of the school year. Miss Florence Lotarski is already decorating her classroom, and it is looking quite nice. One of our Oblates, Sr. Grace, will teach some of the younger grades this year. The school does so much good for not only the minds, but the souls of children. I do wish more parents would make use of such a precious grace as a Catholic school and education that we offer. One thing that no other school can replace is the knowledge and love of the Liturgical Year and daily assistance at the Holy Mass. This alone is reason enough to send the children here. Certainly, public schools should be avoided at all costs!

Well, we begin the month of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. As Communism, the errors of Russia, continues to spread its poison all over the world, we ought to increase our devotion to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, especially by acts of reparation. We know how the story ends since Mary did say that her Immaculate Heart would triumph; but there are plenty of battles that we still need to fight in order to do our part in ensuring this triumph. The best act of reparation that you might offer to Our Lady is the resolution to say her Rosary daily this month and to take part in this month’s Fatima Rosary Procession. The Rosary is our weapon, one which no enemy—either communist or demon—can defeat. Hold tightly to Our Lady’s beads!

In the Immaculate Heart,
Bishop McGuire