Pentecost X

Note from the Bishop
G.K. Chesterton once said, “Cats are so beautiful that a creature from another star might fall in love with them, and so incalculable that he might kill them.” There was an incident this past week that made the latter part of the statement seem to be truer than the former. Michelle Mikesell, our trusty Cat Whisperer, was here to pick up Fat Cat (formerly known as Giacomo) for an appointment to the vet which I had entirely forgotten about. The poor cat must have sensed it somehow and leapt up into the basement ceiling, refusing to come down until the path was clear. I sometimes feel the same way about going to the doctor, too, but come on! Anyone thinking about getting a cat…buy a parakeet instead!

Fr. Gabriel was in town this past week to visit some family, but kindly offered to take us canoeing while he was in the area. The young Fathers spent the day on a quiet stretch of water on a nearby river. For a number of years now Father has tried to make a point to visit with Bishop Dolan and the rest of the clergy during his family visit. It was good to see him again!

Fr. McKenna is back at last from his vacation in Europe. Hopefully, he is now well-rested and ready to start things back up here at St. Gertrude’s. He won’t have much time to recover from the time away as we have the Sunday followed by the Holy Day, then some visitors coming in for a few days after that.

Fr. Ojeka is going to be with us for the Assumption tomorrow, but returns to Nigeria on Tuesday. Fr. Nkamuke has a Solemn High Mass—their first one in that great country—planned for August 19th and another on the following Sunday. Despite the dangerous and political unrest, the Fathers continue on just the same, bringing the Mass from mission to mission and training future priests who will also work in Nigeria.

Later this week, I will be going to Seattle to give a priests’ retreat which Fr. Ercoli has helped to arrange. We are looking forward to it; but please remember me and the attending priests in your prayers.

– Bishop McGuire