Pentecost XII

Note from the Bishop
I am presently going through the security line at the Seattle airport after having finished the priests’ retreat. It was wonderful to spend this time with so many fellow priests, but I will be happy to be home later today.

The retreat was mostly a silent one, but we did break our silence to go on a couple of outings together. This time together is important for the clergy, especially the ones who are off by themselves, as it strengthens our unity and is quite encouraging while we continue the battle for the Church. We went to Deception Pass, which is so called because the river flows into what looks like the ocean when in fact it isn’t. There we saw quite a few seals swimming around in the water.

Fr. Ercoli and Fr. Romero celebrate their twenty-fifth priestly anniversaries this October. I can remember as a seminarian celebrating Fr. Ercoli’s tenth anniversary. Time goes by so fast!

Miss Janet Strauss, our much loved and dutiful sacristan, has gone back to live with her sister in California. She will be missed very much by very many, but we wish her well. Sr. Cecilia will be our new sacristan. I’m quite confident that she will do a great job. Sister has been busy, among other things, planting flowers in the priests’ garden. Now it looks much nicer. Thank you, Sister!

I must keep this note short this time around. I send you a blessing and look forward to seeing you again very soon.

– Bishop McGuire