Pentecost XIII

Note from the Bishop
September, the month dedicated to the Seven Sorrows and the Holy Cross, is here already. The saints and feast days on the calendar are truly some of the greatest. Five Marian Feasts, an Archangel, one Apostle, our own special feast of the North American Martyrs, and St. Peter Claver. Who doesn’t love St. Francis of Assisi?! What about the story of St. Eustace—a truly amazing one! Or the grumpy St. Jerome, who had a sharp tongue, but cured himself with an even sharper stone! St. Gertrude’s has always been about liturgical piety and teaching about the saints. If you can, come to Mass—you’ll probably get a sermon about the saint of the day at one of the later Masses; but if you can’t make it to Mass, perhaps you could read about the saint—don’t forget to tell the children all about them.

School is in the air. I think that’s how the saying goes. It will be nice to see the youngsters again. The beginning of school brings with it a certain sense of welcome routine after all the camps and “comings and goings” of the hectic summer months.

The missions are quite active these days. I learned that Bishop da Silva, who is quite the zealous missionary, will soon be moving to a location near Rio de Janeiro. The next few months will be rather taxing for him, but he hopes to be fully moved by January.

Our Fr. Martín, in Mexico, takes care of a numberof chapels and has around a thousand faithful in all. He is the only priest there to tend this flock. That ratio is a mind-boggling one—one priest to a thousand parishioners. Fr. Arnoldo, in the western part of Mexico, continues his work with his seminary. It’s been a while since we’ve seen him, but I hope to again one day. Besides, I think he still has Fr. McKenna’s hat!

Fr. Thielen is in good spirits despite the lengthy illness. He is getting better each day but is still a bit weak. Your prayers are working, so keep them up! Jayne Linscott, a very sweet lady from the Lancaster area whom I used to visit on sick calls but whom Fr. Thielen has been taking care of, passed away about a week ago. Fr. Simpson and his two brothers took care of the funeral Mass last Tuesday. Please keep her soul in your prayers.

Oh! Don’t forget the Investiture ceremony next
Sunday after the Solemn High Mass.
– Bishop McGuire