Pentecost XVII

Note from the Bishop
October has come, and with it, the chilly autumn weather. The cats are really enjoying this time of year and spend a good portion of the time outdoors. In other parts of the country the weather hasn’t been so pleasant. Mr. Lotarski was just showing me pictures from the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Tampa Bay is completely dry. Tom and Karen Simpson report that they are fine and did not lose their power. Fr. McKenna’s parents, however, saw the worst of the storm in Fort Meyers. The eye of the hurricane passed right over them and they say that the storm surges were 18 feet high! Thankfully, all whom we know are safe; but we ought to pray for those who are still suffering the effects of the storm.

Moving on from Florida news to that of Texas, Fr. McKenna’s Dallas mission, St. Anthony’s, is moving locations. Fr. Simpson is down there helping our coordinator move everything needed for Mass, and then will go on to offer Mass in Austin and El Paso.

St. Michael’s feast day, the 29th of September, was Bishop da Silva’s first anniversary of consecration. In his sermon at the school Mass, Fr. Brueggemann reminded us that his consecration by Bishop Dolan was so providential. Bishop da Silva did so much to help us with our needs as he ordained our four new priests and provided a bishop. God’s providence is such a wonderful thing to contemplate. We are grateful to the Good God and to His Excellency for all they did to help us.

Fr. Thielen’s health is improving, but it has been a long haul for him. He reports that he is, with caution, able to offer Mass and do sick calls again. Your prayers for him are working, so please keep it up!

We begin the month of the Rosary. What a month of blessings it will be. Remember to pray your Rosary daily, and if you can, come to the October Devotions which we have scheduled for each day with the school children. Pope Pius XI said, “Let not even one day pass without saying it, no matter how burdened you may be with many cares and labors.”

– Bishop McGuire