Christ the King

Note from the Bishop
“O my God, let me remember with gratitude and confess to Thee Thy mercies towards me.” These words show a noble heart which in a single glance sees its own unworthiness and the generosity of God in bestowing all kinds of gifts on him anyway. Such realization leads to gratitude—or at least it should. These words of St. Augustine hit home after Forty Hours last week. All those graces given to us! Who are we to have been so favored among so many souls in the world?! Forty Hours does not take place in many other chapels, yet we are among the very few who owe it to God to confess His mercies toward us. Gratitude is a virtue most appreciated and least remembered. Say a prayer of thanks!

Fr. Lehtoranta, besides his usual teaching duties and Sodality work, has been interviewed twice by Catholic Family Podcast. In his first interview he spoke about his personal background and the story of his conversion. I knew some things, but learned may details I didn’t know. Who would have thought the horrid French Revolution would ever bring about the beginning of a future priest’s conversion?! His second interview was on the state of the papacy in our day. It is worth listening to and is very educational.

Returning to the subject of Forty Hours, it is worth mentioning how edifying and encouraging it was to see so many willing helpers working together so joyfully to put everything together. The parish celebrations were uplifting as well. Soon we’ll have to get more chairs to be able to seat everyone! But the best part was to spend time with Our Lord. Only in heaven will we see all the fruits of such a devotion.

Fr. Kevin Vallaincourt passed away this past week. He was pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Spokane and authored a book called “The Answers,” which refuted the attacks made against Archbishop Thuc. It is so well written and now so rare that it is being sold used at very high prices. Father also gave a complete seminary training to our own Fr. McKenna. So, for that reason alone we ought to be most grateful to him and remember to pray for the eternal repose of his priestly soul.

I heard from Fr. Guillaume Hecquard the other day. He has his flock to care for, as well as a couple of men interested in becoming priests. We are presently working at finding a way to help them. The last bit of news concerns his elderly mother, who isn’t expected to live past Christmas. Only God truly knows, but let’s keep her in our prayers.

Our Oblates continue to do much good work. Sr. Ulrica showed her students around the sacristy on Wednesday. Boy, were they excited! The kids, I mean! It is a little tricky sometimes for the sisters to get here from their homes. This matter is only temporary though. Soon, we plan to look at our options for housing them on church property. I will keep everyone posted.

We have another busy week with the Holy Day on Tuesday and All Souls’ Day on Wednesday. It is a lot to ask, but I hope to see you again on All Souls’ Day. Those truly poor souls have very few people to pray for them anymore. Nine Masses are on offer that day, and the church will be open for the Toties Quoties prayers. Come pray for them. They will never forget those who helped them.

May the saints intercede for you; and may we one day be numbered among the saints honored this week!

– Bishop McGuire