Pentecost XXIII

Note from the Bishop
This week seems to have passed rather quickly, but what a week it was both here and in our missions!

After a pleasant weekend at ole St. Hugh of Lincoln, I drove up to St. Teresa of Avila Mission in Grand Forks, North Dakota, where I met Fr. McKenna and did Confirmations. Sixteen new Soldiers of Jesus Christ were confirmed! St. Teresa’s has grown considerably since it was established eleven or so years ago when there were only about eight souls, all of whom were still in their twenties, and all but one were converts. How their families have grown and more converts brought into the fold.

Fathers McKenna and Brueggemann are presently at St. Hugh’s for their annual Forty Hours. I do miss getting to attend a second Forty Hours as I had done in the past, but my new duties do not permit me to go. The important thing is that the devotion is being done, souls are gaining graces, and God is being glorified. As my mother always says: “Fiat!” (Let it be done!) The Fathers across the pond in Nigeria will soon be holding Forty Hours in two of their chapels as well.

Fr. Simpson comes back this evening from Holy Face Mission where he performed the wedding for Thomas Gardner and Brandy Flowers.

Fr. Lehtoranta always stays busy with the school, seminary courses, publishing books, and his many Sodality and Oblate projects. He celebrates eleven years as a priest this Wednesday, the feast of our patroness, St. Gertrude. We are thankful to him and Our Lord for all his priestly works. Let’s remember to say an extra prayer for him!

Don’t forget to meet us at 3:00 at Gate of Heaven Cemetery for our Rosary Procession!

– Bishop McGuire