Note from the Bishop
Well, here we are already one week into our Christmas celebration, and what a wonderful Christmas it has been! It is interesting how during the octaves of Epiphany, Easter, and Pentecost no other feast days are observed, but during that of Christmas we honor so many saints—Saints Stephen, John, the Holy Innocents, St. Thomas à Becket, St. Sylvester. Why do we keep the feast of so many saints during the Christmas season? It is to show us how the Incarnate Word, who came to save mankind, desires to give mankind confidence by this familiarity. The Infant Jesus is surrounded by a choir of heroes who loved and served Him.

The feast days are not over yet! We have the Holy Name of Jesus and the Epiphany this week. Do come on those days! I hope that you will all make it to the Epiphany celebration on Friday. There is a High Mass and a parish dinner to follow. Oh—and don’t forget that those who attend the High Mass that day are dispensed from the Friday abstinence.

Margaret Kinnett died on the feast of St. Stephen, which also happened to be her birthday—and let’s hope that it was also her birthday into heaven. She was a very longtime parishioner and teacher at our school (the kids loved her!) and was always very active in our church. She will be missed. Her Requiem Mass is scheduled for this Tuesday at 11:25. Merciful Lord Jesus, grant her eternal rest.

January will continue to be a rather Gertrudian month, as we say. It will be quite busy with feast day observances, parish parties, Novenas, and for the clergy, some extra traveling. These busy times do come with their blessings, precious graces from the Infant Jesus for which we are so very thankful. Fr. McKenna, Fr. Ercoli and I will meet Fr. Contreras and some other priests of the Companions of Jesus and Mary in Mexico during mid-January. Fr. Ercoli has been acting as translator between myself and Fr. Contreras (I knew I should’ve paid more attention during Spanish classes!). It has been most helpful. The Companions of Jesus and Mary lost their bishop at roughly the same time we lost Bishop Dolan, and they like us have had to undergo many changes and make adjustments. Nicolas Benegas had already been ordained to the Subdiaconate. He is a very good seminarian who will make a fine priest who will continue to work under Fr. Contreras. I plan to ordain him a deacon on Saturday, January 14th. Then the Fathers and I will travel to perform Confirmations in two different chapels in Mexico.

Bishop da Silva says that he is still stuck at his seminary in Brazil because of the political instability there. The former president has not yet conceded defeat to the Communist dictator who ran against him in the last elections. His Excellency says that there is a good chance that this will lead to a police state or a civil war since the people of Brazil do not want to be overrun by the communists. Pray for Brazil, the last of the countries in South America to be free from the hammer and sickle. Despite the trials, the Bishop continues doing much good for souls.

There is much more news to give, but I will close by assuring you of my prayers for you and your intentions. May the Holy Child Jesus grant you all the graces you need for the new year!

– Bishop McGuire