Epiphany II

Note from the Bishop
This note is being written a bit early this week, but by the time you read it I will be in Mexico with Fr. McKenna and will have already ordained Rev. Mr. Nicolás Benegas to the diaconate. Rev. Mr. Benegas hails from Argentina and will work with the Companions of Jesus and Mary. I hope to ordain him to the sacred priesthood later this year on a day still to be determined. This ordination brings joy to us all as it shows that we will have good priests for future generations. It is not easy to be a priest in these days of apostasy and of general chaos and confusion in the Church and in the world. He must be prayerful in a world that doesn’t allow for much quiet time; he must be chaste in a world that is shameless; he must be filled with a supernatural faith in a world that is more materialistic than it ever has been. It takes a great deal of sacrifice to turn one’s back on a world that holds out so many pleasures. May our young men realize now more than ever that there is nothing that will bring them lasting satisfaction in this world. The world is deceitful because it is under the influence of the prince of lies against whom the priest must always wage war—a war that has eternal consequences. If the devil never rests in his pursuit of souls, then the priest must be more vigilant in prayer for souls. What a daunting task, especially because of the fewness of priests. Pray for your priests, pray for Rev. Mr. Benegas and pray that more young men follow their vocation to the priesthood. As Fr. Cekada always told the seminarians, “The priesthood is the greatest job in the world.” I second that statement.

Today, however, we are reminded in the Gospel of another vocation—Matrimony. We have had many of our younger folk enter this state of life recently and there is much hope that they will raise good Catholic children. This, too, is an important calling from God. The State, the world and the devil have all conspired against the family unit by taking the mother out of the home and diminishing the father’s authority. The result is that the children are exposed to and more often than not adopt the spirit of the age, a true atheism in theory and in practice. Parents must remember that it is their duty to raise their children to be future saints in heaven. Children must always have a guiding hand pushing them heavenward. Compromise with the world, which has become more and more openly anti-Christ, cannot be. The world’s grasp on children is much too strong. Spouses, it is not too late to begin pushing each other into a sort of spiritual competition, in which you push each other by example to become holier. Parents, it is never too late to begin teaching your children the path to heaven. Start with routinely explaining to them the catechism, telling them about the saints, and instilling in their hearts a true love of prayer. Yes, that is a good place to start! Above all, remember that you have the sacramental graces to accomplish this great task of getting the whole family to heaven. Have confidence in our Infant Savior!

Well, I guess I had to get that sermon off my chest since I have not been able to preach to you the last two Sundays! Now I feel much better. I look forward to seeing you again and telling you more about the trip to Mexico. In the meantime, know that my prayers are with each and every one of you.

– Bishop McGuire