Lent IV – Laetare Sunday

News 3/14/2023: Episcopal Consecration Announcement

The Bishop’s Note
I suppose everyone has heard the news of Fr. Nkamuke’s upcoming episcopal consecration. The church in Nigeria is certainly growing strong. Fr. Nkamuke and his two priests have some eighteen missions, a seminary, and a group of religious, among other things. However, in all the years since they first contacted Bp. Dolan (even before Fr. Nkamuke entered the seminary) the Faithful have not been able to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. Besides, now there is also the fact that their seminarians cannot receive Tonsure or Minor Orders unless they were to come to the United States, a process which is becoming more and more difficult. As you can see, this consecration is very much needed. It is something which Bp. Dolan often spoke about and planned to do. We plan to follow through with this on Monday, May 1st. All are welcome to attend, of course.

The need for priests is so great at this time. The Church needs priests who are missionaries, stable young men who have a deep love of God and zeal for souls. The priest nowadays does not live in comfort and ease, he never did. The priest in today’s day and age doesn’t have to look hard for work in the apostolate. He just has to look beyond himself to see it. Young men, look beyond what the world holds out to you and instead look at what the world has done to souls. How many souls have been lost because they tried to befriend the world, one of the principal enemies of the soul. How many souls attempt, at their own peril, to compromise with the world and to live both as followers of Christ and of the world. Young men, what about it? Might Our blessed Lord be calling you out of the world? Might He be calling you to be a priest of God, who is set aside to save immortal souls?

We are more than halfway through Lent now. In fact, this Saturday we will be covering statues for Passiontide and then a week later preparing for Palm Sunday! Today is a good time to renew your Lenten resolutions. If you haven’t been faithful don’t worry, you still have another half to make up for it. Courage! St. Francis de Sales will help you if you only ask him!

I ask the Holy Ghost to fill you with true joy, one of the twelve Fruits of the Holy Ghost. Laetare, Jerusalem! Rejoice, Christian soul!

– Bishop McGuire